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gatto nero che gioca con giochi da esterno ferplast in giardino
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Cats, just like dogs, love to be outdoors and play in nature.

However, unlike Buddy, it is more difficult to attract their attention. Cat toys are a way to make sure that even felines have fun in the open air in safety.

The importance of outdoor play for the cat

Play is a fundamental part of the cat’s routine. Through play, he rediscovers and unleashes its natural instincts, such as his predatory instinct and his psycho-physical abilities. Playing outdoors allows them to hunt, scratch their nails and climb, activities they would otherwise do indoors, risking causing damage. Playing allows your cat to develop shooting speed, visual accuracy and jumping precision.

Another important aspect is that, by being able to move around more, the risk of obesity is reduced and, at the same time, the cat’s innate desire to explore is fulfilled.

Outdoor Cat Toys

Chase games

This range of toys is designed to stimulate pursuit. Ferplast’s pendant toys stimulate the cat’s interest and hunting instincts. There are both plastic and wooden ones, both in the shape of a fishing pole. The plastic ones are colorful and equipped with soft plush on the tip. Also available you will find a model with a little bell to attract the cat’s attention. The wooden one has a stylised mouse pendant made of natural fibre and fabric.

Games to develop predatory instincts

Equally fun to play outdoors with your cat are the soft toys in mouse shape. There is the vibrating model, which is charged by pulling the cord, the simple plastic and plush model, or the polyester and feather model. These toys are good stress relievers for the cat and activate its natural predatory instinct. The mice are colourful and stimulating, made with padded bodies and with a special attention for detail.

Toys for scratching

Outdoors, the cat can give vent to its instincts, such as scratching its nails on the bark of trees. Furthermore, to prevent your pet from damaging the flowers and decorations in the garden, we can opt for natural fibre toys with original details on the upper part, in the shape of a cone or ball, which are small in size and take up little space. In addition, they can serve as a throw and fetch toy, a scratcher and a chase game at the same time.

Obedience toys

Teaching a cat to play with his human is more difficult than in the case of dogs. However, for example, it is possible to teach the kitten to return the ball that was thrown far away and chase it until it is caught. It takes time and patience before your furry friend learns how to return it. The foundation of the training must include tasty rewards for the cat after the ball has been returned. This way your pet will associate fetching with a positive experience.

If playing with another cat helps kittens release all their energy, socialise and exercise, playing with their owner strengthens their bond. At the same time, they can develop their feline instincts with cat toys specifically designed for them.

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