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Gatto gioca con tiragraffi Yoshi di Ferplast
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Cats are free spirits. Any occasion is good to take a stroll in the open air. But if the cat lives in a flat and cannot go out as much as he would like, it is necessary arrange for the necessary so that he does not get bored and keep fit.

The scratching post, together with the other accessories for fun, is the ideal pastime for the cat in an apartment.

What is the cat in a flat like? 

Unlike cats that live in houses with gardens, used to come and go thanks to cat flaps, or who live outdoors, the cat in the apartment establishes a symbiotic relationship with the owner and, in general, is more affectionate. The fact of living permanently inside the house, then avoid a lot of diseases. It decreases the possibility of being a victim of accidents and of being involved in fights with other cats.

Does a cat in a flat suffer?

If a cat accustomed to living outside finds itself living in a flat, he could suffer the consequences in terms of stress and could have an incorrect behavior. However, adapting to apartment life depends on the nature and breed of the cats.Cat alone in the flat with Yoshi, scratching post by Ferplast

How to act with a cat in flat

If your cat is home alone during the day, fresh water and food should always be available. To ensure the daily ration of food, there are convenient dispensers for kibble or water, such as Azimut and Zenith by Ferplast, where the cat can draw when he is hungry. Furthermore, very useful and appreciated are the fountains for water always on the move like Vega by Ferplast. Cats are animals of habit, which is why it is important to set up a space dedicated to them inside the house, equipped with a comfortable bed and anti-boredom accessories, such as a scratching post.Cat alone in the flat is eating from Ferplast dispenser

Scratching posts for cats

A cat living in an apartment does much less physical activity than cats used to going out often. This implies an increased risk of obesity. The cat tends to get bored easily. Boredom can lead him to eat more or to do some damage, such as clawing on furniture or climbing on curtains. The most effective way to overcome both problems is to purchase a scratching post.

The scratching posts are accessories for the cat in different formats and sizes. Ferplast offers four types: the carpet, the column, the cabinet and the gym, all including sisal parts. This material is a natural fiber used for the production of rugs and ropes, ideal for resisting the cat’s nails.

The carpet scratching posts are of two types. There is the one with the ball-game attached to the base or the one in the shape of a paw with a ball-game on a spring.Cat is playing with Ferplast scratching post

The second type of scratching post is the column type, with a plush or wooden base, and also equipped with a ball game.

The evolution of the previous one is the scratching post cabinet. These accessories are not only designed as anti-stress and to stimulate play, but are also comfortable shelters for the cat. Yoshi by Ferplast, for example, is complete with sisal column, kennel with internal cushion and hammock, with structure made of FSC wood.Red cat is playing with Yoshi scratching post by Ferplast

Finally, there are the scratching posts with a gym, structured on several floors, which stimulate the cat to climb, alternating movement and relaxation, indulging its preference for observing the world from above.Cat in the flat with Ferplast scratching post

The scratching posts are useful accessories both for the enjoyment of the cat in the apartment and for relieving stress. Thanks to their use, the cat can keep fit and rest in a comfortable environment designed especially for him.

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