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Gatto gioca con gioco Ferplast
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Cats are shy animals and are used to have their independence. But they are also hyperactive. Playing with the cat helps the feline to stay fit and not get bored. A good dose of play every day also relieves stress.

Playing with your cat helps your feline to stay in shape. Cats are always looking for new stimuli and games to pass the time. Playing also helps them to reduce stress and develop feline-specific behaviour. The amount of time you spend playing with your cat depends on how lively he is, but, regardless of how long it lasts, it’s an activity that should not be neglected.Gatto gioca con gioco Ferplast

Why play with your cat

Spending time playing with your cat is important. Play has an educational and relational value. Playing with your cat strengthens the relationship between animal and owner and prevents behavioural problems. During play, the cat is physically active, preventing the risk of obesity, which is particularly high in male cats. This time also helps to develop feline instincts: many toys reproduce reality, such as the plastic and plush mouse, which is carefully designed to stimulate the cat’s predatory instincts. Toys in the Clever&Happy range have been designed for curious and happy cats. Such as Crazy Ball, the electronic game consisting of a resealable nylon bag with a ball inside that starts moving in a random and unpredictable way when it is turned on, stimulating the cat to catch it.Gatto gioca con gioco Ferplast

When and how much to play with the cat?

Playing with a domestic cat is even more important, as it has less opportunity to cultivate his instincts. For this reason, it is necessary to spend more time playing with him. As a rule, at least half an hour a day is enough. This depends on the cat’s temperament and age. Kittens spend a large part of their day playing and see every object as a potential source of play. Adult cats, on the other hand, only need half an hour or twenty minutes, depending on their level of interest.Gatto gioca con giochi Ferplast

Very long play sessions can agitate the animal too much. Choosing the right times is also important. It is best to play several times a day for short periods, paying attention to the moments when your cat is most active, usually early in the morning and in the evening. It is also important to alternate different kind of games. As well as prey toys, there are also toys that tickle your cat’s hunger. Ferplast’s Discover, for example, is a game of skill with hiding places for kibbles, which helps your cat stay fit and gets him used to eating more slowly.Gatto gioca con gioco Ferplast

At what age to play with your cat and suitable games

Playing with your cat is an activity that should be undertaken when he’s still a kitten. To avoid behavioural problems such as biting and scratching, it’s important to teach your cat from an early age that our hands are not prey. Instead of using your hands, you can use Ferplast’s wooden and natural fibre fishing rods with fun pendants that you can shake to make your kitten jump. Or the plastic fishing rod with a soft feathery pendant and a little bell to attract your kitten’s attention, which you can wave in front of your kitten to see how he reacts.Gatto gioca con canna da pesca Ferplast

Playtime is also important for adult cats. Adult cats prefer games that hunt for prey that crawl, run or fly, such as the Raptor, the electronic game equipped with a rod with a dangling feather that moves unpredictably and at an adjustable speed. This game also allows you to set the length of the play session; each session lasts 15 minutes, the perfect amount of time for your kitten to stay in shape.Gatto gioca con gioco Ferplast

Time to spare and the right accessories for playing with your cat should be among every owner’s priorities. The benefits of this activity are many, from developing your cat’s instincts to strengthening your relationship with him.

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