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Gatto obeso seduto
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Like humans, cats can also suffer from obesity. Obesity in cats is a condition that should not be underestimated. This is why it is essential to keep your cat’s weight under control to ensure him a long and healthy life.

Obesity is a problem that affects not only humans but also animals. Especially cats suffer from obesity. The percentage of overweight cats exceeds that of dogs. The gap widens if we consider that cats are sterilised more than dogs and this affects their weight. In fact, it is mainly male cats that are prone to obesity.

Why does obesity affects cats?

Cats tend to be more overweight than dogs. This may be surprising, considering that cats are by nature agile and active. But whereas dogs go out two or three times for their daily walks, felines spend most of the day indoors. The lack of stimulation leads them to become depressed and lazy.Gatto in cuccia

Preventing cat obesity

To prevent cat obesity, it’s necessary to control what cats eat. Obviously, one of the factors influencing weight is the increase in food intake. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on your cat’s rations and try not to give in to requests for extra food. We may feel guilty at times, but it is for our cat’s own good.Gatto mangia da ciotola Ferplast

Walking to prevent cat obesity

External stimuli play a central role in preventing cat obesity. It is essential to encourage cats to exercise. One can take his / her cat for walks. Even if walks are more common with dogs, cats can be trained to leash and collars. There are leads specially designed for felines that allow them to go for walks in complete safety. The Flippy One Mini, for example, is an extendable lead with a 3-metre-long strong nylon cord. It incorporates three functions into a single control button for fingertip control and maximum freedom of movement.

To encourage your cat to do sport, you also need the right clothing. The harnesses in Ferplast’s Nikita range are perfect for daily walks. They are made of breathable nylon to ensure maximum comfort and have reflective edges for evening walks. Easy to wear and safe, thanks to the snap closure, they are available in different colours and sizes.Gatto a passeggio con pettorina Nikita

Playing to prevent cat obesity

To prevent your cat from becoming overweight at home, you need to stimulate your cat with fun games. To rekindle your cat’s hunting instinct, you can try the plush mouse with vibration. The movement of the mouse, triggered by pulling its tail, encourages the cat to chase it and catch it. Gatto gioca con topolino giocattolo

Another fun toy is the Cat Pointer, a pointer with batteries included, which is activated with a simple button and emits a light beam with the Ferplast logo. The product belongs to the Clever & Happy line, designed to stimulate your cat’s curiosity. It is fun and pocket-sized. You can carry it with you at all times, even as a nice keyring.

In the same product range there is Raptor, an electronic toy consisting of a base and a rod with a feather that moves unpredictably. The speed and timer are adjustable and can be scheduled up to two hours of continuous play. Your cat will be attracted to the dangling feather and will want to catch it.Gatto gioca con gioco Ferplast

Preventing cat obesity is possible. However, the presence of the owner plays a decisive role. Don’t let your four-legged friend on the sofa all day, have fun with him.

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