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Gatto solo con dispenser di cibo Ferplast
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It happens often that, for some reasons, a cat is left alone at home.

Cats experience loneliness in a different way to dogs. That’s why a lonely cat needs different attention.

How long a cat can be left alone

Although cats are very independent animals, they enjoy the human company and like to cuddle their owners with affectionate purrs. Therefore, a cat that is alone in the house for a long time can suffer from loneliness. 

An adult cat can be left alone for 24 to 48 hours if he has everything he needs to carry out his normal routine. 

If a cat is a kitten, however, he should not be left alone for more than one hour a day. 

In any case, the cat should be gradually accustomed to being left alone for a longer period of time.Cat alone eats and drinks from Ferplast dispensers

What can’t be missing in the house when the cat is alone

To leave your cat alone in the house you need to set all the things he needs. First of all, your cat should have free access to food and water. 

To ensure regular meals even when you are away, there are water and kibble dispensers to ensure your cat’s daily needs, such as Ferplast’s Zenith, Azimut and Nadir.

Moreover, the litter tray with clean litter should never be missing.Cleaning Ferplast litter for cats

What not to do if your cat is left alone in the house

Contrary to what you might think, in order for your cat not to suffer from loneliness, it’s not advisable to leave one of our clothes for your cat to play with. 

A recent study of animal behaviour has concluded that a lonely cat is not reassured by his owner’s smell, but may even miss him more. 

The cat is reassured by the physical presence of his human, whereas his smell may make him nervous or stressed.

For your cat’s safety, it is also important to ensure that you do not leave any potentially dangerous objects lying around the house. 

Never forget the toys! There should always be toys to keep your cat entertained so that he is not bored while you are away. The cat alone can be stimulated by toys such as Raptor by Ferplast, the electric toy that can be programmed for up to two hours of continuous exercise divided into sessions of 15 minutes each.

Finally, it is important that your cat can move freely around the house, so it is advisable not to close doors. The lonely cat, if frightened, may seek refuge in the most hidden corners. Cat next to Ferplast litter

Food, water and entertainment should be provided to ensure your lonely cat’s well-being. If possible, it is always better to find someone to look after him in your absence.

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