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Gatto davanti alla porta di casa
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Cats fear no seasons. Any occasion is good to sneak out of the house and take a nice stroll. In order not to have to open and close the door all the time, the solution for all cat parents are cat flaps.

Cat flaps are useful devices that allow the cat to have a certain autonomy to go out and enter the house more freely.

What are cat flaps

Cat flaps are doors for cats equipped with a tilting opening that can be mounted on doors, windows and partitions and that allow the cat to go out and enter whenever he wants.
Cat flaps are also a very useful product for dogs. The invention of the cat flaps can be traced back to Isaac Newton. He equipped the study door with a hatch so that his cat would not interrupt his studies continuously, meowing to enter or exit. Modern cat flaps, on the other hand, are innovative devices, some with different  features, including the microchip reader.Cats in front of the door

Features of cat flaps

The basic function of the cat flaps is to allow the cat to pass from inside to outside and vice versa, without the need for someone to get up to open the door.

Universal fitting

The latest generation cat flaps such as Ferplast’s Swing doors can be fitted on any type of support, wood, metal, glass and masonry surfaces. They can be installed even if the thickness of the door is large, thanks to the possibility of an extendable tunnel for doors, which can be purchased separately. In addition, the cat flaps can also be installed in interior doors, for example to keep the dog away from the cat’s spaces, where its toilet box is located.Cat is going out through Ferplast cat flap

Closing system

The cat flaps can have a two-way closing / opening system, if they have only two positions (entry and exit) or four-way (entry, exit, entry and exit, closed). This feature is very useful for regulating the comings and goings of our cat. We can give him the freedom to go out and enter when he wants, or only allow him to go home but not to go out or vice versa.

Microchip recognition

There is also a cat flap with microchip recognition, that is, equipped with a detector for the immediate identification of the cat. The door opens only if there is compatibility between the cat and the registered microchip. This is a useful tool, especially if there are a lot of cats in the neighborhood. If the cat is not yet equipped with its own microchip, the Ferplast Swing Microchip cat flaps are supplied with a practical collar with integrated microchip that can be used temporarily.Ferplast Swing cat flap

If you are held back from mounting a cat flap for fear of other cats entering the house, the recognition of the microchip integrated into the cat flaps of the Ferplast Swing range allows access only your cat and thus you will avoid having unwanted guests!
Furthermore, the Swing cat flaps do not cause heat dispersion, because they use Wind Stopper technology, which protects against drafts and drafts.

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