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Why does the dog dig holes in the garden? Cause & solution

il cane scava buche in giardino ferplast
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The dog digs holes in the garden instinctively. He digs to hide bones, to attract our attention, but also to create a hiding place or simply out of boredom. 

What are the reasons why the dog digs?

Even if our four-legged friend lives happily at home in our company, his instincts do not disappear. Since the sense of smell is the most developed sense, even the weakest smell will attract his attention and lead him to seek out the object of his interest. So, as soon as he spots any small movement, he tries to find his prey by using his sense of smell and starts digging here and there in our garden. Also, some breeds, such as Terriers or Dachshunds, are more inclined than others to dig. 

Among other reasons that lead a dog to dig holes in the garden there is also boredom. In fact, a dog is driven to dig when it has nothing else to do. If he is by himself in the garden, for example, he unloads his excess energy by digging holes.

How can you avoid this bad habit?

Take a walk with your dog

Very often our dog digs because he does not get enough exercise. It is therefore necessary to spend more time with Fido, trying to organise some activity, such as a walk in a new spot or a run together. Thanks to the Sport Dog padded lead, which has a soft and firm grip, you can benefit from a secure hold during sport.

Bring your dog to a cool place

In summer, when heat and mugginess are at their worst, your dog may dig holes to find a cool place. Therefore, it is important to make sure that fresh, clean water is always available to the puppy. For example, the Spring automatic water dispenser can be easily connected to the home water supply or to a tank and guarantees maximum freshness for thirsty animals. 

Stock up on dog toys

In some cases, the dog digs holes simply for fun. The problem can be solved by providing Buddy with toys to play with. Ferplast provides them in all types and categories. There are entertainment toys such as Toy PA, which entertain the dog and at the same time contribute to the well-being and health of his mouth. Skill and training games, such as the Puller ring, an interactive game designed to promote daily training based on jumping and running and which also serves as a fetch game. Finally, there are interactive and mind-activating games: such as Smile, a dental toy for fetching or pulling and releasing, which encourages curiosity and movement thanks to the possibility of inserting delicious kibbles inside.

Deterrence techniques to prevent your dog from digging holes

It may also happen that the animal does not dig in the whole garden, but only in certain areas. In this case there are techniques for diverting the dog’s willingness to dig. Here are some to take inspiration from.

  1. Sprinkle with diluted lemon juice. Simply dilute some lemon juice with water and you’re done! In fact, most animals avoid the strong smell of citrus fruits. 
  2. Dig a plastic net under the soil. By installing a special grass net under the ground, you will prevent the dog from digging holes. It is absolutely not dangerous for your animal but will preserve the lawn. 
  3. Use garden decoration. You can use outdoor furniture to occupy those areas where Buddy usually dig holes, so that he can no longer spoil that area.
  4. Create a special space. The alternative is to set up an area created exclusively for your dog to dig in using a sandbox.

With these useful tips, you will easily save your lawn from dog holes. However, if these simple measures do not improve your dog’s behaviour, you should always consult your dog’s trainer or vet. They will be able to assess the psycho-physical condition of the dog, suggesting appropriate solutions to the problem. 

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