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How to protect animals’ health in Spring

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After a long and cold winter, spring is finally here. Longer days and higher temperatures are just some of the things that make this season one of the most appreciated. 

However, despite its beauty, the warm season also brings dangers for our furry friends. That’ s why it is essential to protect animals’ health during this particularly critical period.


As temperatures rise, parasites come back again. Mosquitoes, fleas, sand flies and parasites are very dangerous because they can carry harmful diseases and viruses, such as filariasis or leishmaniasis.

To protect animals from these annoying visitors, special sprays, vials and collars are available on the market. It is also important to check our puppies’ hair at the end of each walk, so that any indiscreet presence can be eliminated.

Danger from swallowing

By spending a lot of time outdoors, animals are more likely to randomly find new objects that intrigues them. Harmless wood or a piece of plastic, if swallowed, could damage their health. This is why it is very important to carefully check the areas they go to in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Allergic reactions

Like humans, animals can also suffer from allergies. Pollen, mould or stinging plants are just some of the factors that trigger allergic reactions. In addition, you should remember to avoid overgrown or dirty areas, which can hide insects that pose a risk to animals, such as the processionary moth in pine forests. But what to do in the event of a serious allergic shock? Responsiveness is key. Calling your vet and acting promptly following the doctor instructions can save your pet’s life, along with proper treatment.

The moult

Springtime is also a time for moulting. This means that animals lose their winter fur, making way for summer hair. This step is very delicate for our four-legged friends because it can cause constipation problems. Daily brushing is therefore essential: it will remove dead hair and speed up the moulting process. In that case, the grooming glove is really useful. It is made of rubber and has a comfortable inner strap for easy handling. In addition, it has two diversified sides for dual functionality. On the one hand, dense, small and hard teeth to deeply remove dead hair. On the other side, the brush is softer and thicker for a pleasant massage of the dog’s skin.

The heat stroke

Finally, heat stroke is also a spring risk not to be underestimated. This is a rapid change in the animal’s body temperature. In fact, if the temperature is very high, the animal is not able to disperse the heat naturally. However, in order to avoid this risk, you should not go out during the hottest hours of the day and always carry water with you. In this respect, Ferplast proposes practical travel bottles that you can take with you on all occasions. On the other hand, if heatstroke occurs, it is essential to move your pet to a cooler environment and contact your vet immediately. You can make a quick fix while waiting by gently wetting the animal’s paws with cold water (but not icy one)! Early intervention, in some cases, can even save the life of our pet. 

Spring is therefore one of the most magical, but at the same time most delicate periods of the year for all animals. So, being aware of the risks and taking extra care of your pet will allow you to fully enjoy it! 

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