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The German Dachshund, better known as simply Dachshund or even sausage dog, is really popular, so much so that even little kids can tell them apart from other breeds of dog. His remarkable long body and his cute little face make him one of the most memorable types of dog ever.

The Dachshund seems to have its origins in XV century Germany when man began to breed them as companions and hunting dogs. It may seem odd to you, but its long body set on short legs make it the perfect dog for hunting in thick woods and chasing prey out of underground dwellings. They really are a hunter’s secret weapon!


The Dachshund is a unique dog with short yet muscular legs that give him a really cute and friendly look. Dachshunds come in a variety of colours, everything from black to dark and lighter shades of brown. Aside from their unusual shape, they also have a very decisive character: smart, exhibitionist, stubborn and full of energy and curiosity.


Dachshunds are incredibly curious and courageous, they love to go out into nature and dig, play and show off for their human owners. They can become so fond of those who care for them that they become very real guard dogs. They may be small, but they’re spicy, and only bark when they have good reason to.


Because of their unusual build, they have delicate backs so it’s really important that you take them on walks safely attached to an ergonomic harness like Ferplast’s Agila Fluo (see photo). This particular harness was especially designed to reduce the stress pulling can provoke when you are out. It’s a good idea to get a harness that doesn’t overwork the vertebrae and stress the dog’s neck. Aside from being really comfortable, Agila Fluo can be adapted to fit Dachshunds of all sizes and shapes thanks to the patented closure system with micro-adjustment features and the junctures between the loops.


If you think this dog is just a cute lap dog, well, you’re deeply mistaken! It’s a real ball of fire and you’ll never be bored nor cease to be amazed by how smart he is, and by how very deeply loyal he is.

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