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The heat this year is truly relentless, and those who suffer from heat need to be protected as it can endanger our health. And we’re not talking only about children and the elderly, but our four-legged friends as well, who must also be protected from this heat.

We at Ferplast have always recommended that dog and cat houses, but also the living quarters of any of our other pets, be kept cool, in the shade and with plenty of fresh, clean water.

It’s really very important, as they too can suffer heatstroke and that can put their health at risk.

Always making sure your pet has access to clean fresh water, especially when we leave them alone for a couple of hours, can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we invented the little VEGA water bowl for cats and small dogs.

Vega is a little fountain that is like a spring. The water moves all the time and stimulates your pet’s natural desire to drink and remain hydrated.

It has three different drinking spots, one on the lower level and two higher up. It also has an active carbon filter to make sure the water is always clear and clear.

And if our house has a terrace or garden, then nothing beats SPRING.

Spring is a water bowl you can hook up to the water line so that it always has fresh and clean water. Not only, but the water level in the very special bowl always remains the same.

With these special water supplies, our pets will always have a cool oasis from which to drink as we all wait together for this crazy summer heat to cool down!

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