While we’re getting ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve, for our pets this is by far the least loved holiday of the year. According to some estimates, about 500 pets in Italy  die every year, scared by the fireworks that salute the new year. The noise caused by the fireworks causes veritable phobias in pets, and many of them, trying to escape, become disoriented and can’t find their way home, or hide in unthinkable places, risking their lives.

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Our skis and suitcases are in the trunk of our car. Our house is locked. What about Toto? Where should we put him? He’ll come on holiday with us, of course. It’s not always easy to find someone you can trust to look after your pet or a nice dog hostel to keep him while you’re away. Luckily for us, lately many hotels have adapted and become pet friendly. Organising a holiday trip that includes your pet can be difficult. First we need to make sure that the hotel accepts dogs and cats. For that purpose, portals such as help us select the type of vacation and our intended destination, putting us into contact only with hotels that accommodate pets.

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CHRISTMAS GIFTS: presents for dogs

A gift for your mum, another for your aunt, one for your nephews and nieces, one for your fiancé… What about our four-legged friends? Why not keep our pets in mind and give them a nice gift as well? Gift ideas are numerous, and the ones we have here today are suitable for vain dogs.

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Come sono carini i gatti, piccoli e teneri, sembrano quasi indifesi, in realtà, al primo rumore sospetto di qualche cosa che rotola sul pavimento o alla vista di un insetto che sbuca da dietro una porta sono pronti all’attacco,. Tutti i gatti sono dei predatori per natura, anche se passano le giornate a dormire sui loro cuscini o dentro il cesto della biancheria. L’immaginazione di un gatto è fervida ed è in grado di pensare di essere una tigre a caccia nella foresta. Per essere un buon padrone non basta dargli ottimo cibo e portarlo dal veterinario a fare una visita di tanto in tanto, ma è importante mettergli a disposizione alcuni giochi per farlo divertire e mantenere in forma.

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