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We have come to our third and final appointment to discover the magical world of designer Rita Scarpinato, who took us to her spinning mill in Malo to introduce us to Valeria and her trusty four-legged friend Yaya, an incredibly sweet French Bulldog, who accompanies her every day to her beauty salon Tiarè. It is a place where beauty, in all its forms, and the pursuit of well-being are closely linked!

We had realised that this beauty centre was a special place, ever since its inauguration last March: the special location, the choice of colours and the very refined and sumptuous furniture, unusual for a traditional beauty salon. Beauty reigns supreme here!

As soon as you enter, you find yourself in the waiting room, which reflects the centre’s unique and personal identity. The key word here is contrast: contrast between the industrial-style furnishing accessories, like the iron and leather armchairs and the shelf unit, and the large colonial-style wooden table. Another appealing play of opposites is that between the stone and brick wall, a sign of the building’s past identity, and the walls painted in ultra-contemporary colours.

Colour is an element of primary importance, as it can influence the energy nodes in the human body. Valeria is well-aware of this and she wants to offer her customers a full and satisfying sensory experience, in line with the treatments offered. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the colours of the walls in the different booths: blue, teal, petrol green, white, pea green and mustard yellow are the shades that Rita has used to call to mind the colours of the peacock’s tail, the symbol of beauty par excellence. Blue has a calming and refreshing effect and brings harmony back to the mood and hormonal balance; green, on the other hand, acts upon the nervous system, helping to spread balance and reduce stress and anxiety. Mustard yellow brings to mind the colour of gold and is warm and welcoming.

A huge blue, white and teal papier-mâché composition, which resembles a cocoon, and an unusual white lamp shaped like a butterfly and created by designer Paolo Donadello, hover over Valeria’s salon, as if making sure that everything is in order. It is a clear reference to the ancient production of silk, which used to take place in these rooms.

By going up the wooden staircase, you reach the special mezzanine, on the second floor, dedicated to relaxing massages. The wooden floor, the lush green plants and a few vintage objects create a reassuring and intimate atmosphere. Yaya also loves taking a nap or two on her little sofa when no one is around!

The passage from one room to another really flows, while the delicate scents, the architectural details, the colourful hues, the set-up accessories and the harmonious lights are so well thought-out and fit so well with each other that they bring a real multisensory experience to life.

Creating a wellness centre was yet another challenge for Rita, because it is a job that requires the utmost attention to functionality, to the perception of hygiene and to the appeal that each of the spaces needs to convey to the customer. All this, combined with Valeria’s professionalism, really makes Tiarè the place to be when you want to treat yourself to a little pampering!

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