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Are you wondering how to have a cat-friendly home, where your domestic feline can always feel at ease?

An environment suitable for satisfying your pest’ needs will not only contribute to their happiness, but will also help keep your cat healthy, preventing aggression, stress and diseases that derive from this.

Why do cats need a specific spot

Cats are one of the most common pets in homes around the world. Despite this, compared to other pets, these domestic felines still have some instincts and behaviors that derive from their wild nature which need to be expressed and vented.

The home they live in must have some specific features, allowing to satisfy their basic needs. A cat-friendly home is therefore a place that reflects all their primary needs and is a fundamental step when you decide to adopt a cat.

Ferplast tiragraffi gatto in casa

How to create the perfect cat’s spot.

The cat bed

One of the cat’s primary needs is to have a variety of spots dedicated to them. It is important to ensure safe and diversified living zones. This is why it is good to identify some places in the house where the cat can rest and hide. It is advisable to choose raised spots and not too noisy, cats are basically solitary pets and love places with little traffic.

A comfortable bed will be the ideal solution for your pet when he needs to rest. Ferplast Coccolo Microfleece cat bed has a very soft internal padding and a soft microfleece lining, perfect for their naps.

Ferplast gatto cuccia Coccolo Microfleece

You can also opt for a little wooden house, where your feline can relax and hide. The Yoshi cat furniture by Ferplast is perfect if you want your cat to enjoy a few moments of privacy, away from prying eyes. It also has a practical scratching post, on which he can do his nails again.

Ferplast tiragraffi cuccia e amaca per gatti Yoshi

The food corner 

Cats are also a very clean animal, they don’t like their food corner to be dirty. To help you in this task there is Maki by Ferplast, a wooden bowl holder with two ceramic bowls. Thanks to its raised base, it will be much more difficult for your feline to spill water and food and will help you keep the floor clean and tidy.

Ferplast gatto ciotole Maki

The cat toilet

It will also be essential to create a private corner where they can do their business away from prying eyes. It is important to place the cat litter box away from the food area. As already underlined, the cat is a delicate and very clean animal.

We recommend the new Bill cat toilet by Ferplast, with swinging door and activated carbon filters to neutralize odours.

Ferplast gatto lettiera Maxi

Game time

It will also be essential for your cat to have toys and a room dedicated to play. The game is in fact very important for these domestic felines, as through the game they are able to vent their predatory instincts.

First of all, your pet will need a scratching post, which is recommended to be placed in different areas of the house or in the rooms where your cat goes most frequently.

Ferplast Tiragraffi PA 4001 con gioco

Furthermore, it will be important to place small toys in some spaces with which your cat can play. The choice is really vast, from simple balls, to games that light up and move, to small stuffed animals. For the more exuberant cats, threads and ribbons with pendants on which to ambush will certainly be appreciated.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind is to avoid moving their objects or changing the spaces dedicated to them. It could be destabilizing for your cat and cause him stress.

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