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cane al ristorante ciotola per acqua e cibo
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Taking your dog to the restaurant, yes or no? Going to lunch or dinner with your pet is possible, the important thing is to follow some simple common-sense rules and etiquettes to avoid unpleasant episodes that could disturb the other diners.

Know your dog

It is good to consider that your dog in the restaurant must annoy the other diners. Therefore pet parents must evaluate whether their dog’s personality is suitable for dining out in a public place.

Dogs in the restaurant must be obedient and polite, with a calm disposition. It is also very important that dogs are used to being around strangers and children without being annoyed by them. The noise and the hustle and bustle could in fact agitate the dog and the experience will not be positive for everybody, pet, pet parents and diners. 

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Inform the restaurant of the presence of the dog 

Even if many restaurants have no problem hosting dogs in their premises, it is always good manners to inform the restaurant’s manager of the presence of your dog. This will not only be appreciated by the restaurant owner, who will consider it as a sign of respect, but will also help find the best solution for you.

A secluded table is a great choice when taking your dog to a restaurant. Your dog will therefore have more space to sit comfortably and will be less annoyed by the rest of the people in the room.

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What to avoid

Once you have taken your seat, there are some behaviors to be absolutely avoided because they could disturb not only the other diners but also the waiters themselves.

– Do not let the dog lie down in a passageway

– Don’t leave him free to roam the tables in the restaurant

– Do not let your dog climb onto chairs or let him put his paws on the table

– Do not feed the dog off your plate on the floor 

– Don’t tie their leash to furniture

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Do not feed the dog off your plate on the floor

Feeding your dog in a restaurant is not polite and does not show respect for the place. Just as at home the doggy food is served in special dog’s bowls so as not to dirty the floor, the same must be true when you take your dog to a restaurant.

Rather, it is advisable to bring along a small game to entertain him and keep him busy. A good idea could be a ball for dogs on a string, such as Gioco PA 6525, or in rubber, such as Gioco PA 6414. Another excellent alternative could be to bring along a snack to chew on, such as the new 100% Snack by Ferplast, from natural and appetizing dental snacks, perfect to distract him during your lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

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What to do before taking the dog to the restaurant

Finally, there are some useful precautions to take before bringing your dog to a restaurant. They are small tricks to ensure that your four-legged friend has a peaceful experience.

It is not recommended to go directly to the restaurant, but rather to go out a little earlier, to let your dog vent his energy and do his business. Getting tired will help him, once he enters the restaurant, to be calmer. Also be sure your dog is well fed before you head to the restaurant, so he isn’t hungry and tempted by food smells.

These small tips will help you to have a positive and repeatable experience. Enjoy your meal!

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