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Does your cat meow a lot? Like people, cats are also more or less talkative and some just can’t resist the temptation of expressing themselves, while others are more reserved and don’t say much at all. Find out what makes them meow when they see us.

Some breeds of cat meow more than others, for example Siamese cats are famous for being great talkers. However, considering the category of felines in a wider sense, it comes naturally to ask the question “when they meow continually, what are they trying to tell us?”

Types of meowing

The way a cat meows is not always the same. You will no doubt have noticed that, based on the sound she makes, she’s communicating different things to us. Purring, hissing, vibration, meowing, for shorter or longer times and at a higher or lower pitch… each of these expresses a precise mood, a necessity or a need for help.

Meanings of a cat’s meowing

1) WELCOME HOME! When you return home after a day out, kitty will greet you with a cheerful meow, vibrating, almost like a warbling sound, and she approaches you with friendly movements, with her tail proudly raised, for example.

2) I NEED HELP! If your cat is a little under the weather and is not feeling well, there will be suffering tone to her meow, which will be long and deep.  Also in this case, you will recognize it right away, by observing her posture. Call your vet immediately!

3) I’M HUNGRY! It’s very easy to understand when a cat is hungry: her meow is loud and high-pitched, like a little squeal. It’s unmistakable, because you perceive that she is imploring you to open a tin of tasty morsels and put it in her bowl.

4) I’M BORED AND I WANT TO BE PAMPERED! Cats sleep a lot but that doesn’t mean they are lazy, far from it. When they get bored and seek attention or something to do they show you in no uncertain terms. They begin with some calm, quiet meowing, but carry on and on, so that it’s impossible not to notice.

5) A CAT IN LOVE! When cats are in season, they show this with very specific sounds: the males meow in a low and prolonged way and this is sometimes very disturbing because it sounds like a baby crying; female cats, on the other hand, let out a long lament when they are in season, to attract the male cats living nearby.

6) WHAT PAIN! If a cat accidentally gets hurt (or is injured in a fight with another cat), she will show her pain with an intense and very loud “meow”.

The more you are in harmony with the cat that lives with you, the easier it will be to interpret its language. Please satisfy our curiosity and tell us which of these ways of meowing is most popular with your cat.

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