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All cats, young and old, communicate with us through gestures and movements that may appear to be random. Understanding the non-verbal language of your cat can be an additional means of being able to enjoy the relationship even more intensely. Are you curious to find out what our feline friends want to tell us?

Here are some of the most common gestures of our kitty-cats:

  1. HE OFTEN BRINGS US AN OBJECT. Admit it, at least once in your life you will have received a gift – albeit often unwelcome – from your feline: a mouse, a lizard, a bird or some dead insect. Well, do not be alarmed. To the contrary, you should be happy, since through these presents, he wants to prove that you are important to him!
  1. HE LOOKS US IN THE EYE. When a kitty looks at us in the eyes, he is trying every way possible to capture our gaze and thus attract our attention. It is also his favourite way to look for our approval when doing something!


  1. HE ACTS LIKE HE IS KNEADING DOUGH. This behaviour recalls the action that the cat performed as a kitten to bring out the milk from his mother’s teats. As a grown-up, rather, he does so because it releases endorphins and relaxes him.
  1. HE RUB UP AGAINST OUR LEGS OR AGAINST ANY NEARBY OBJECT. When the cat seems like he wants to scratch his head and nose against our legs, shoes or furniture, he does this not just to greet us, but also to mark his territory and claim ownership over us!


  1. HE SHOWS HIS BELLY. Unlike dogs, felines are not often found belly-up, so if they allow us to caress them in this position, it means that they trust us blindly. It is a behaviour reserved only for those that are deeply loved. Are you amongst the lucky ones? What else is there to say? This is a true conquest!
  1. HE PUTS HIS HEAD ON OURS AND GIVES US LITTLE NIBBLES. These signals are indicative of his confirmation that, as far as our cat is concerned, we are his whole world. In feline speak, it signifies that they love us to bit and consider us their playmate.
  1. HE PURRS. Kitty can tell us so many things by emitting the classic “prrrrrr” sound, so you have to listen carefully to him. If the purrs are strong and irregular, he is glad to see us; if they are soft and monotonous, he is bored or just wants to sleep. When he purrs without any reason and seems apathetic, tired and does not want to eat, he is probably feeling pain.


Cats are really special creatures. Which of these behaviours have you encountered in yours?

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