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The friendship between humans and dogs is one of the most sincere and long-lasting pairings since the dawn of time. Dogs are warm and loyal animals with huge hearts. But how do you know for sure that you dog loves you unconditionally? If you’re in doubt, here are some of the signs that indicate his undying love.

Understanding that your dog loves you is easy. For example?

1) HE LEAPS ABOUT AND WAGS HIS TAIL. When you get home (whether you’ve been gone a half hour, a day or even a week) and as soon as he sees you he leaps about joyfully, madly wagging his tail, looking at you with bright eyes… you can rest assured that his love for you is unending!

2) HE WANTS TO PLAY WITH YOU ALL THE TIME. Dogs love to play, anywhere and at any time. But the best playtime is shared playtime. No balls or other dogs stand a chance when he can play with you! If your dog is always trying to get you to play with him, it means he wants to share this most important activity with you, and therefore a clear sign of just how much he loves you.

3) HE LISTENS TO YOU AND FOLLOWS YOU EVERYWHERE. Dogs are obedient, but their obedience is usually limited to those they fully trust. The attention your dog gives you is in direct proportion to the affection he has for you, so when you talk to him he tilts his head or moves his ears. If he follows your every move, then have no doubt about his love for you!

4) HE CONSOLES AND PROTECTS YOU. Everyone has their moments, their less-than-great days. But if you have a dog by your side it all seems easier to bear. Dogs can feel the pain in people, they even know what crying means. So when you’re sad, your dog will understand and stick by your side to console you in his own special way.

5) HE LIES ON HIS BACK. In the animal world, lying on your back means exposing yourself to danger. It’s a very vulnerable position. But if your dog shows you his tummy for some cuddling, it means his trust in you is complete, he knows you love him and would never harm him. It means he loves you.

6) HE SMOTHERS YOU WITH KISSES AND LETS YOU EMBRACE HIM. Just like a human kiss, a lick in the face is the most forthright sign of love. The more of them he gives, the more intensely he loves you!

A loving relationship between a dog and its master is built over time, with gentle patience. Show your dog the love you feel for him every single day with simple gestures. When he learns to trust you completely, he will love you to the ends of the world, even more than you love him!

Share the love

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