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Maybe you have never thought about it, but even rabbits suffer in the heat. These small rodents are in fact used to withstanding very cold temperatures. However, on the other hand, their thick coat makes them suffer from higher temperatures. 

What are the risks of high temperatures for rabbits?

The ideal temperature for bunnies is around 15/16°C. This gives us an idea of how hot they can get in summer. Therefore, from 29°C onwards, it is necessary to take measures for their health. Otherwise, the risks they may face are:

dehydration: it occurs when the rabbit does not take in the correct amount of fluid from water and food. In this case, it develops a water imbalance that can have very dangerous consequences. It is important to pay attention to the condition of the small rodent. If dehydration becomes progressive, certain symptoms may occur: weakness, drowsiness and difficulty urinating. In such cases, prompt action must be taken to prevent the animal falling into a coma.

heat stroke: this is a rapid rise in body temperature that can even reach 40°C. As with dogs and cats, it is also very serious for rabbits. How do you recognize it? The main symptoms are shortness of breath and a moist nose. The ears get hot, the eyes redden and in some cases the mouth and nostrils turn bluish or dark red. If you recognise these symptoms in your pet, promptness is crucial. You have to wrap him in a damp cloth and rub ice on his ears. If the situation does not change, however, you should call your vet. 

Some useful tips

To avoid unnecessary dangers to the health of the small rodent, certain precautions must be taken. Here they are:

check the position of the cage: the cage must be positioned away from direct heat sources, such as the sun.

change the water several times a day. The DRINKY FPI 4663 drinking bottle is ideal because it attaches directly to the cage via a convenient fastening system. This way, the rodent will always have fresh and clean water. 

wetting the rabbit’s ears from time to time helps prevent health threats. That’s because rabbits’ ears are thermoregulators. They do not have sweat glands but use their ears to thermoregulate their body temperature. Wrapping them with a wet, well squeezed handkerchief can also be useful to help the bunny withstand the heat.

freezing a bottle of water is a really good solution! Simply insert it into the rodent’s cage, wrapped in a small towel. This way the rabbit will find a cool shelter. 

– finally, in very heavy weather conditions for the well-being of one’s bunny, fresh vegetables rich in water are also a good solution. Romaine/Belgian/Curly salad, torciglione, escarole, endive, valerian, cucumbers, courgettes, peppers and tomatoes are really appreciated by our little pets. But not only that, fruit such as melon, apple, mango, kiwi, strawberry, peach, apricot is also an excellent relief from the scorching heat. However, be careful not to overdo with the quantities because these foods are rich in sugar.

Have you tried these remedies for your bunnies before? They are really useful because they improve their well-being during the warmer season. Try it for yourself!

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