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gatto senza pelo in giardino
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Do you think there are cats that actually do not shed hair? Cause it turns out there are. Some cats, instead of a soft coat, possess a light surface hair that is almost imperceptible. But remember, even if it is not necessary to brush them daily, they still need care. On the other hand, others, despite their thick coat, genetically lose very little hair. 

Are you curious to know which cats do not shed hair? Let’s go through them together!

Cats that do not shed hair

1. Canadian Sphynx, also called ‘sphinx cats’ or ‘naked cats’. This breed has the particularity of being hairless. For this reason, they do not have to be brushed but it is sufficient to wipe the skin with wet wipes. 

The humidified, disposable Genico Fresh Glove cloth from Ferplast is the ideal choice for cleaning and grooming the coat of Canadian Sphynx. Thanks to the fragrance of green tea and chamomile, it keeps your kitten’s skin clean, perfumed and protected, giving it shine without altering its pH value. It is also ideal to take with you when travelling.

2. Peterbald. The Peterbald is a cross breed between a Donskoy, i.e. a hairless Russian cat, and a Shorthair cat. Physically, these felines are very special. They possess a long, narrow head, a thin tail similar to a mouse’s one with webbed feet. They are also known as one of the most ‘talkative’ cat breeds. 

3. Elf Cat. It’s a cross between the Sphynx and the American Curl. Their name come from their upturned ears that make them look like elfs. Again, they have no fur but the skin resembles suede. They are rather wrinkled especially around the shoulders, ears and muzzle.

4. Kohana. Finally, the only cat that is truly hairless is the Kohona. They have no hair follicles, and their appearance is rather unique: they have wrinkles all over their bodies.  

As babies, this strange conformation does not allow them to feed themselves. That is why it is necessary to take special care of them during weaning.

Cats that have a lot of hair but shed very little

1. Siberian. It is a strong and determined breed, characterised by thick hair. Its peculiarity is that, although they have a lot of hair, they actually shed very little. Besides this, they do not need frequent brushing. In fact, it is sufficient for them to be brushed once a week to promote the good condition of the hair. In addition, thanks to the very thick skin, they have optimal body thermoregulation.

2. Bengal. The Bengal cat also belongs to the category of short-haired felines. It is a very elegant breed that keeps itself clean. Brushing the hair every 4-5 days is sufficient to keep it tidy. 

In this regard, the GRO 5760 Premium brush from Ferplast’s Grooming Premium line is the best solution to keep your pet’s fur tidy and well-groomed at all times. Thanks to the polyamide bristles, which act on the coat in a gentle and pleasant way, the brush provides a stimulating massage and at the same time ensures easy combing of the hair, keeping it soft and shiny.

3. Cornish Rex. The coat of the Cornish Rex is hairy, wavy and very often recognisable by its typical white colour. Thanks to its attachment, the hair is well anchored to the skin. Again, it is sufficient to brush the hair from time to time to remove any knots. 

If you have so far given up on adopting a cat because of its hair, it is no longer necessary! Don’t rob yourself of the love of a kitten, just choose the breed that better suits you. 

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