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Working with animals: top jobs

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Working with animals is many people’ s dream. This passion usually arises from an early age. You feel a great empathy for the animals you have at home, such as dogs, cats, turtles, chicks or fish.

Although, at first glance, it may seem difficult to turn this passion into a job… it is possible! With perseverance and proper preparation, your dream job can become a reality. 

Working with animals

Professions in close contact with animals are many and diverse. Some require an academic degree while others just need a passion for animals.

Working with animals

One of the dreams of animal lovers is certainly to become a vet. It takes ambition and perseverance but looking after the health of our four-legged friends brings huge satisfaction. 

Alongside this career we can also find the marine biologist. This job immerses the expert, in the truest sense of the word, in the search for marine animals. In addition to this, he also has a great responsibility: he is committed to the preservation and protection of endangered species. Especially nowadays, this work is crucial because it saves many species that are unfortunately disappearing.

biologi marini con pesci

Ethologists also study the behaviour of animals in their natural habitat. Specifically, it focuses on the relationships that animals establish with each other and with their environment. It is a profession that allows you to travel a lot and discover the world! In fact, ethologists often move to other countries for work. 

Working with animals: without a university degree

It is possible to work in the medical field even without a proper degree. The veterinary technician is an example! It is a professional figure who assists the veterinarian and takes care of the animals in clinics. To become one, a specific training course and an apprenticeship with a qualified veterinarian is all you need.

gatto dal veterinario Ferplast

For the education of dogs, a new profession has emerged in recent years: the dog trainer. Tenacity, firmness and a strong passion for animals are necessary to devote oneself to this profession. Again, a professional course is needed in addition to a lot of practice and experience in the field. 

Another interesting variation of the trainer is the work of a pet therapist. What is it? Appropriately trained animals support people with physical, neuro-psychomotor, cognitive, emotional and relational disorders. The most suitable animals for Pet Therapy are dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses!

If the clinical field is not for you but you still love animals, you could become an excellent dog sitter. It is a very popular practice abroad, but it is also being talked about a lot in Italy lately. In fact, it is a very important figure in the lives of many pet parents because it takes care of their animals during their absence.

Opening an animal day-care centre

If you want to spend the whole day with your four-legged friends, opening an animal day-care centre or a boarding house could be a great solution! With pet parents increasingly busy and forced away from home, finding a trustworthy facility where they can leave their pets is crucial. The aim is to turn these day-care centres into spaces that completely take care of the animals’ health. Multifunctional centres where you can find grooming, a food and accessory shop and even more!

The common determinant of these jobs is undoubtedly passion. It is essential to love animals in order to be able to devote your time to them and make it a job.

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