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Summer is just around the corner and the heat that comes along with it can not only be hard on us, but also on Fido! Let’s talk about how to prevent your dog from suffering heat or getting sun stroke.

Even dogs suffer in the heat!

One of the perils our dog can be affected by in summer is so-called heat stroke. It comes about when the animal is exposed to extreme temperatures, but also when humidity levels are very high and make it hard for them to breathe well.

Here are some practical suggestions to prevent your pet from suffering the heat:

– limit the amount of exercise – like running or long walks – during the hottest hours of the day;

– make sure your dog always has a bowl of clean, fresh, cool water he can drink from any time he wants;

– protect him from the sun’s rays to prevent damage to his skin;

– if you are out for long periods of time, wet his hide with a bit of cool water now and again.

If you are planning to spend an entire day at the seashore with him, we suggest you use a really handy product to help him cope better with the heat and prevent him from direct contact with the searing hot sand. It’s a cooling rug, the Pet Cool Mat, and contains a liquid cooler that, when the dog lies down on it, provides a nice refreshing sensation. Really practical and without the need for electricity or batteries, the mat automatically recharges itself after use. Don’t forget to keep it in the shade, to put a bowl of clean cool water nearby and take a dip in the water with him from time to time!

Have a great summer!



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