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Toelettatura del cane prima delle vacanze
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Before leaving for the summer holidays with your four-legged friend, you must not neglect dog grooming. Here is Luca’s advice, manager of the LavalDog center in Vicenza, for perfect dog grooming in summer.

The hot season is a complicated period for Fido. In summer, high temperatures can cause burns and heat stroke and the coat has the function of protecting against these risks. This is why it’s so important to groom your dog before the holidays.

Rule no. 1: never shear the hair completely

In hot weather, you might think that clipping your dog is the best way to keep him cool. Wrong! It is not true that the shorter the coat, the less heat our pet suffers. A dog’s coat provides protection from heat and sunlight. It’s a kind of thermal insulator, so shaving it completely is dangerous, as the epidermis would be directly exposed to UV rays. Shaving carries the risk of sunburn, dermatitis, erythema and subsequent itching.

Rule no. 2: Thinning

In order to keep your dog’s coat tidy and prevent it from becoming a hiding place for dirt, dust, dandruff and parasites, it is a good idea to trim your dog’s hair before you go on holiday. You can do this using Ferplast’s serrated scissors, with their rounded stainless steel tips. It is gentle on the skin and suitable for all hair types. Thinning the coat also encourages its subsequent growth.Toelettatore sfoltisce il pelo del cane prima delle vacanze

Rule no. 3: Brush and comb

In addition, so that your dog’s coat is healthy, you can take care of it daily before you leave. To avoid the formation of hanks, it’s important to brush your dog’s coat with a corder, which removes dead hair and does not irritate the epidermis. The one by Ferplast with a built-in brush is practical and handy and is ideal for regular dog grooming.Spazzolare il cane prima delle vacanze: toelettatura del caneSpazzolare il cane prima delle vacanze: toelettatura
Then, if your Fido has undercoat, you can easily eliminate knots without tearing the hair with the comb from Ferplast’s Grooming Premium line. The teeth, of two different lengths, are rotating, so they follow the movement of the comb and clean the hair of any impurities.Pettinare il cane prima delle vacanze: toelettatura del caneToelettatura del cane prima dell'estate: dettaglio pettine

Taking care of your dog’s hair before leaving on holiday is a duty of every pet parent. Having your dog groomed will allow you to enjoy your holiday with greater peace of mind, without having to worry excessively about shaggy hair and the presence of annoying parasites.

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