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Cane e padrona a passeggio sulla spiaggia
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Going to the seaside with your dog requires a few small precautions to make sure everyone has fun. Let’s see, then, the things that must not be missing in our beach bag to enjoy the holidays with the dog.

Taking your puppy to the seaside can be a really fun adventure. To make it so, you need to bring a range of accessories for the fun and safety of your furry friend: water toys, croquettes, hygienic wipes, leashes.

Where to go to the beach with your dog

Before going for a day at the seaside with your dog, make sure that your destination is pet-friendly. In fact, not all beaches allow dogs to enter the water, and there are often limits depending on the size of the animal. In almost all seaside resorts, there are both beaches equipped to accommodate our animal friends, with all the comforts for us and for them, and free beaches where you can sunbathe in the company of your furry friend.

What to bring to the beach with your dog

Among the accessories you can’t miss those for feeding, hygiene, safety and fun.


Far from home it’s important not to neglect the diet of our dog. This is why Ferplast has come up with the Pet Risto’ travel bowl set, consisting of a main container and two smaller containers to be filled with fresh water and appropriately dosed kibble. The lids are hermetically sealed to prevent the food from escaping and guarantee its preservation.Pet Ristò di Ferplast da portare al mare con il cane
On walks along the beach, you can take an extra supply of kibble with you thanks to the Dog Treats Bag, which is also ideal for biscuits and dry food. The kibble bag has a hook for hanging on your belt and an elastic cord for closing.Porta-crocchette di Ferplast al mare con il cane

It is advisable to wait at least four hours after the meal before allowing your dog a dip in the sea, to avoid the risk of congestion. To amuse him while waiting, we can distract him with Goodbite Natural, the chewing toy by Ferplast, available in different shapes and flavours, like the ham-flavoured helixes. Goodbite Natural strengthen the teeth and help the hygiene of the mouth.GoodBite di Ferplast da portare al mare con il cane


Playtime is the most enjoyable part of a day at the beach with your dog. The funniest games are tossing and fetching games, e.g. the aquatic life jacket. You can throw it into the water and let Fido go into the sea to retrieve it. It floats, is made of lightweight fabric and with non-toxic materials. Cane gioca in acqua con il salvagente di Ferplast

Another perfect toy for the sea is the Puller, ideal for jumping, pulling and running. The set consists of two sturdy, floating rings. Puller is a patented product that does not damage teeth and encourages an intense and fun workout. To give your dog a rest during the hottest hours, you can entertain him with Smile, Ferplast’s new toy with bicarbonate crystals for oral hygiene. It is meat-flavoured and can be filled with kibble to extend playtime and be even more attractive. It is available in red and black and in different sizes.Smile, gioco da portare al mare con il cane


After splashing and playing in the sea water, it is important to wash the dog with water to remove salt and sand that could irritate the skin. If you don’t have running water available, you can use the practical and convenient wet wipes for dogs such as Genico Fresh, that do not irritate the skin because they are alcohol-free and soaked in soap with an emollient effect. Genico Fresh is ideal for cleansing the dog’s coat as well as more delicate parts such as the ears, pads and muzzle.Genico Fresh di Ferplast per la pulizia del cane al mare
Once your dog’s coat is out of the water, it should be dried and brushed to remove dead hair and sand residues. If it remains wet, it may suffer from earaches or annoying skin irritations.


Another must have when going to the beach with your dog is the leash. It is important to ensure that the dog, especially a lively one, does not run away or cause discomfort to other bathers. The perfect type of lead for the seaside is the Evolution model by Ferplast, because it is made of washable, waterproof material, resistant to high temperatures and anti-UV and it can be combined with collars from the same range.Guinzaglio Evolution di Ferplast al mare con il cane

Alternatively, you can use a retractable lead like Flippy One. Legislation requires a maximum lead length of 1.5 metres, and Flippy One, with its locking function, guarantees reliability and safety in accordance with the regulations.Flippy One di Ferplast al mare con il cane

Spending a day at the seaside with your dog can be a fun experience if you take the necessary precautions for everyone’s safety.

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