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Cane gioca con frisbee di Ferplast per mantenersi in forma
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The past year has seen an increase in obesity among dogs. To prevent this phenomenon and keep your dog fit, you must not neglect walks, exercises and games of movement.

As with humans, dogs have also been affected physically by the pandemic. In recent months, the number of overweight dogs has increased. The phenomenon is linked to last year’s squeeze on walks and the increase in the amount of extra food that owners gave their four-legged friends. Walks and Ferplast dog toys are a good starting point to get your dog back in shape for the summer.

Increasing cases of obesity in dogs

A survey conducted by Pumpkin Pet Insurance of over a thousand dog owners found that 36% of respondents experienced weight gain in their dog during the lockdown period. By spending more time at home, not only the owners, but also the dogs ate more, thanks to the extra food rations given to them as a gesture of love to the companions of those long days. In addition, during the months of quarantine, walks became rarer and shorter. More food and less exercise have also caused our furry friends to gain a few kilos.Cane in passeggiata per mantenersi in forma

How to get your dog back in shape


To reverse this trend towards weight gain, we need to return to old habits. To keep your dog fit, active and happy, three walks a day of 20-30 minutes each are sufficient. If the dog has lost the habit, we can start again with shorter walks and gradually increase the duration and. For city walks, you can choose the faux leather leads from the Derby range, which are stylish, hard-wearing and easy to clean, available in several fashionable colours. Alternatively, there are leather leashes such as Giotto, Natural and Vip, which are durable and elegant. If, on the other hand, you want a leash that can withstand all weather conditions, the Evolution range is waterproof, UV-resistant and usable in low and high temperatures. If you want to guarantee your dog maximum freedom of movement, then choose Flippy One by Ferplast, the new retractable leash available in tape or cord versions.Cane a passeggio con il guinzaglio Flippy One di Ferplast per tenersi in formaDettaglio guinzaglio Flippy One di Ferplast

Dog toys

Another way to keep your dog fit is dog toys. Ferplast has designed a line of interactive games to entertain Fido. The Puller, for example, has three functions in one: running, jumping and shooting. It is a throwing and retrieving game, to increase strength and resistance. It also floats, so it’s perfect for water games at the sea or in the pool. The latex Frisbee, which improves your dog’s endurance, speed and reflexes, also performs similar functions.Cane gioca con il puller di Ferplast per tenersi in forma

If you and your dog have also become lazy over the past year, get fit together and have fun with Ferplast’s dog toys.

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