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Scottish tartan patterns and colours never tire. This is why we have designed a line of pet sofas and pillows graced with elegant geometry and made of a soft velvet material. Come find out about Ferplast’s latest Scottish design collection!

The origins of tartan

Tartan or, if you prefer, Scottish plaid, came about in the XVI century in Scotland and soon became this charming nation’s iconic symbol. Kilts are probably the best-known tartar items and still today in widespread use at Scottish weddings and other special occasions. The tartan design is created by the horizontal-vertical weave of different coloured thread on, usually, a red background.

Scottish-style cushions for cats and dogs

The job of our designers is to stay up to date when it comes to style and fashion. But we at Ferplast are also firm believers in the importance of carrying forth tradition. This is why we decided to create a series of cushions graced with classic colours and shapes, like the Scottish style tartan patterns with a delicate velvet trim.

Scott and Livingston, padded tartan cushions

If you want to let your cat or dog enjoy deep, refreshing sleep, then get one of these super-soft Scott cushions or a round Livingston pet bed.

Scott is oval and has soft pudding. It comes in three utterly Scottish colours: mint green, beige or sky blue matched with soft, velvet-effect material so that your pet feels cuddled and pampered each and every time it goes to sleep!

Livingston is double-faced: soft plush on one side, velvety comfort on the other. The lovely light home décor colours are, we know, a mixed blessing, but we do think of everything here at Ferplast and they’re very easy to wash in the machine at 30°C.

Charles, the tartan pet sofa

Give your sitting room a touch of class with Ferplast’s Charles pet sofa! Made with great attention to detail with quality materials, it comes with a pillow and shaped sturdy sides. The ideal place for your pet at any time of day. The Tartan colours are dark blue, deep grey and military green, and it makes for a design touch everyone will envy!

Scottish style imbues every setting with cosy warmth. So what are you waiting for to get the one you like best?

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