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pappagalli colorati allo zoo convivenza
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Are you curious to know which bird species can live together? If your aviary is large enough, you can have several different birds living together. Unfortunately, the result is not always as expected. So which species get on well?

Non tutte le specie sono uguali

Just like us humans, birds have different characteristics. These vary according to species and temperament. Canaries, for example, are very cheerful and sociable birds, although they are also somewhat territorial.

Canarino colorato nella gabbietta ferplast

In order to ensure that several varieties live together, it is important to consider two factors:

  • the compatibility of the species. Before bringing different birds together in the same aviary, you should find out about their characteristics and personalities;
  • the space available. There are many cages on the market that are suitable for several species. Planeta is the Ferplast cage ideal for housing canaries, parakeets and other bird species. It has a clean design and a wheeled stand that makes it easy to move. In addition to this, many accessories are available: water fountains, food nippers, mash feeders, biscuit holders, canary swings, plastic perches, bird baths, as well as the special Brava 2 removable feeders. In short, your birds will be treated like kings!

Practices for good cohabitation

In order to facilitate the cohabitation between species, however, there are good practices to be followed:

  • place several birds whose temperament you already know in the same space. This will make the first observation period easier to manage;
  • always keep birds of the same size together. This will prevent the physically stronger one from seriously intervening on the other;

pappagalli colorati in una gabbia allo zoo

  • provide more water fountains for each species. In this way there will be no fighting and everyone will have their own. The Ferplast FPI 4564 water fountain, for example, is very easy to use and to fill with fresh water. In addition, the transparent tank is very useful as it allows you to easily check the amount of water present;
  • observe and monitor the relationships built on a daily basis. Be careful especially in the mating season!

Cross-species compatibility

1. Canaries and Chaffinches. Not all finches get along with canaries. The star finch and the society finch are known to be among the types that get along best. 

2. Canaries and Parakeets. These two species aren’t exactly made for each other. In fact, while parakeets are very strong and moody, canaries are calmer. It’s best not to risk fights and flying feathers!

3. Cockatiel and Kakariki. Unlike the last pair, the kakariki parrot and the cockatiel get on very well. Both are particularly docile and affectionate. They love whistling and being in each other’s company. Long story short, they are a match made in heaven!

4. Canaries and Budgies. Canaries and budgies are two different species. The only thing they have in common is the attention they seek from their pet parents. In fact, it takes a lot of effort and patience to take care of them in the best possible way. Their singing is also especially different. When budgies sing, they become very violent towards the more defenseless species. Many canaries were found injured because of this!

uccello colorato nella mano del pet parent

Not all species of birds get along with each other. Precisely for this reason it is essential to geto all of the information before adopting a new bird. It should be pointed out that every bird still has its own personality, just like us. Just have a little patience to understand it and love it! 

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