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Who hasn’t tried to communicate with their cat? My guess would be no one. However, everyone is left with a doubt: will my kitten understand? If you follow the right precautions, you can make your cat understand you. 

In fact, even if cats do not distinguish words well, they can still interpret the tone of voice used.

What does the cat understand?

Cats can pick up and read many signals from people. Some of these are posture, facial expressions and tone of voice. It is essential to control the intensity of speech when talking to your pet. Negative commands should always be expressed in a serious tone, while the appreciation commands in a sweet way. 

This way the cat can tell when its action is correct and can be repeated or vice versa. Quiet sounds are definitely kittens’ favourite, whereas loud and sudden sounds annoy them. 

Cat behaviour

The cat is a really intelligent and sensitive animal. It is able to pick up on our emotions and behaviours. Let’s see which are the signs that help us communicate with our pet.

1. The most intense joy a cat can manifest is expressed by “making bread” on the body of its pet parent. The action of “kneading” serves the newborn cat to stimulate the production of milk in the mother cat’s mammary glands and therefore represents a moment of enormous pleasure for them.

2. The cat rubs on you with its tail and legs? Good news, it means he is happy and wants to put his scent on you.

Gatto che si strofina sulle gambe del pet parent

3. If he wags his tail, it’s not a good sign. He’s usually annoyed.

4. Purring, on the other hand, is a very good sign. It means that your kitten is at the top of its game.

5. Finally, if the cat has its ears erected sideways and its eyes tilted, it means that it is annoyed or angry. In that case, why not try to cheer him up with a game?

Gatto rosso che gioca con i giochi di Ferplast

Stimulating your kitten’s curiosity can be a good way to distract him and overcome moments of stress and boredom. Ferplast’s Clever & Happy range of toys for active and happy cats combines physical and intellectual exercise. In particular, Vertigo entertains your cat by simulating fleeing prey through the movement of balls.

Tips for better communication

So far, we have tried to interpret the symbols that the kitten uses to indicate its well-being or discomfort. Here are some tips on how to communicate with your cat.

1. Use a deeper tone of voice to communicate that you are angry and a higher one to indicate peacefulness.

2. Repeat the same word several times to make the cat associate the sound of the words with actions.

3. Be consistent. If you are scolding the cat, do not stroke it, otherwise you will confuse your pet.

4. Sit down at your kitten’s height with your legs crossed to talk to him. He will feel more comfortable around you. 

In conclusion, communicating with your cat is possible. It is important to pay attention to his behaviour and signals in order to understand how to establish a healthy and relaxed relationship with him. 

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