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Parco giochi a tema animali di ferplast
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Just like us humans, dogs have the right to have fun. This is how Iagolandia, the first themed playground for dogs, was born. It is located just outside Milan, precisely in Guanzate in the province of Como, and its aim is to make dogs and their pet parents have fun together in total safety. 

How the idea was born 

Iagolandia was born from the dream of two women, Martina Comolli and Grazia Maldini, who in 2014 decided to put their resources and their time in this initiative. They decided to twist their lives and pursue their true passion: animals. 

*Iagolandia Photo credits

Since its opening in 2021, the playground has hosted more than 700 furry guests! 100 of them became regular visitors. The name of the park comes from Iago, a crossbreed dog between a Maremmano and a German shepherd, who entered the lives of the two founders and turned them upside down. They wanted to create a comfortable environment to play and enjoy for him and the other pets.

The areas of the park

The 3000 square metre park is divided into 4 thematic areas: the Kingdom of Iagolandia, the Adventure Forest, Wonderland and Neverland. But the real peculiarity of this park, which differentiates it from classic dog centres, is that dogs are free and do not have to follow obligatory routes.It is a space where Pet Parents can simply bring their puppy to have fun.

Parco giochi a tema per cani iagolandia Guanzate* *Iagolandia Photo credits

But that’s not all, our pets also have a chance to meet new friends. Thanks to the format “Find a friend at the playground“, the trainers form groups of dogs that they consider to be compatible with each other so that they can meet! It is a unique space in Italy that is having great success.

The activities of the park

Martina and Grazia offer a wide range of fun activities for their visitors. Parties and events, including themed ones, are organised on a regular basis. Among the most popular activities there are water games in summer or treasure hunts. The desire is for dogs and pet parents to have fun together. 

Parco giochi a tema per soli cani*Iagolandia Photo credits

The fact that these two women have come together to offer everyone the chance to have fun with their dog, thus creating a unique bond, is really special. Educating your furry friend is crucial, but it is equally essential to create a healthy relationship with your pet. Why not starting with a dedicated playground?

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