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Because of their very bright, colourful plumage and cheerful nature Parakeets are very popular birds. You may not know it, but a parakeet’s colours are determined by their genetic makeup and mating. Can you recognise parakeets based on their colour?

The most common colours are:


Green is considered the original colour and is most common among wild parakeets so that they can hide from predators in green foliage. Green parakeets have a yellow band of six spots on the sides of their throats, dark blue cheek markings, yellow-rimmed black stripes and a blue tail with one black feather. The green parakeet comes in three shades of varying intensity: light, dark and olive and is, genetically speaking, dominant.


Like fairy-tale birds, blue parakeets come in three shades: sky blue, cobalt blue and mauve. They have a white mask, black/blue stripes with white edges, black spots, and blue to purple cheek markings. The tail feathers are medium to dark blue in colour. Blue parakeets are a recessive mutation and it is much more difficult to breed chicks of this colour.


Elegant and sober, the grey parakeet has a grey plumage embellished with other colours (mauve or olive green), a black tail and blue cheek markings. Its mask is white and its stripes are black with white edges, its spots black.


This variety dates to the 1930s and was considered a rarity for a long period of time. It has a black mask, black/purple stripes with white trim, and black spots. The cheek markings tend to be dark purple, as is the black-tipped tail plumage. Like its grey brethren, it is a semi-dominant variety.

There are also some other remarkable recent mutations worth considering:


The plumage of this variety of parakeet features brown wings, it has red eyes with a clear iris. Its spots are also brown and the tail feathers tend to fade. One of this type’s most remarkable characteristics are its red claws!


This parakeet seems to have undergone a lively session in the paint room and is graced with all the colours of the rainbow. It has irregular splashes of pastel colours and a variety of markings on its neck. Its colours tend towards being very light.

It is important to note that there are many more varieties of parakeets than those we have mentioned here as our list includes only the most common types that are easy to find. All of them are gorgeous and oh so loveable!

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