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Parrocchetto felice nella gabbia Ferplast
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All animals communicate with their body language, through which they let us know how they feel. Even by observing parakeets, it’s easy to recognise whether we are dealing with a happy budgie or not.

Parakeets are a species in the large parrot family. As well as being the most talkative of all animals, they also communicate with their bodies, just like all other animals. This is why we can tell if our budgie is happy or not just by looking at them.

Characteristics of a happy parakeet

The body’s parts that allow us to understand the mood of our pet parrot are the eyes and the plumage. When happy, the parakeet has sparkling, lively eyes; when sad, on the contrary, he has a dull look. Its plumage is shiny and bright when it is in good health, and shaggy when it is in a bad situation. It also changes the way it moves, self-confident and determined or unstable and afraid of its surroundings. The budgie, in fact, is very involved in the lives of its owners, and for this reason it senses when there is something wrong.Parrocchetto felice su posatoio Ferplast

Accessories to keep your budgie happy

To keep a parakeet happy in the house, it’s necessary to involve it as much as possible in our daily activities. Parrots are social animals and need company. To keep your budgie happy when you are away, you can create a stimulating environment in its cage so that it always has something new to experience. The chain of plastic rings with a small bell by Ferplast, for example, gives a touch of colour to your parrot’s home and becomes a fun diversion for moments of boredom. Or, the woven cotton perch is flexible and can be modelled at will, to obtain ever-new shapes and paths, as it can be fixed anywhere in the cage. When your parakeet is tired, he can swing on the wooden perch swing with a metal ring for attaching it to the cage and relax is guaranteed.Parrocchetto felice sull'altalena Ferplast

How to make your parakeet happy

Moments with us as owners, however, are what the budgie prefers. When we are at home with him, it is important to make him feel appreciated, with gestures and with words. In fact, parrots love to be the center of attention and show their abilities in order to receive praise and compliments. Moreover, as they are intelligent and active, they always need new challenges to face. It can be fun to hide food and go on a treasure hunt with it, or to feed it in an original and playful way. For example, the wooden fruit holder, which consists of a steel rod to stick the fruit and an unscrewable cap to prevent it from falling. These fruits sticks are decorated with fun wooden shapes that liven up the cage.Parrocchetto felice nella gabbia Ferplast

To keep your budgie happy, therefore, it is important to create an environment rich in sound and visual stimuli. All you need is a bit of imagination to plan new activities to do with him or to prepare for when he’s alone.

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