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2018 is coming to an end and, as usual, we are dedicating our feature “Instagram Favourites” to the most striking moments of this incredible year! Twelve months full of new things and rich with your images and videos, which have demonstrated to us, day after day, that you are true Ferplast fans!

How did you react to Ferplast’s products in 2018? Very well, judging by the numerous positive responses!

In the first few months of the year, we saw Lindo, the practical bowl with a tray, perfect for people who want to live with a dog without having to sacrifice a clean and tidy house, but above all, we launched Hercules, the brand new sporty harness, popular with lively dogs who are always on the move! From the colourful Jolie bowls to the multi-coloured and super-trendy Nikita harnesses, worn by the four-legged friend of every trend-setting pet-lover. With the arrival of autumn, it’s time to use cushions: warm, soft and embracing, like those in the Velvet and Scottish product range, or those made of scratch-proof fabric suitable for dynamic pets, like those in the Tech product line.

Here are some of the best and most symbolic snapshots that you sent us.





However, there’s a lot more to see in this collection of the year’s best photos: let’s take a look, season by season, at the photos that particularly struck us.


Spring: a time of birth, a time for walking through the meadows, where the flowers are beginning to bloom, enjoying the first timid rays of sun. The undisputed protagonists, as well as our furry friends, are the Sport Dog collars and leads!





This is the season of lightheartedness, with longer days to be spent in the open air, by the sea, in the mountains or at the park… or staying home enjoying the cool air from the air-conditioner! We really love this photo-memory of a family just before their departure: dog, cat, rabbit and hamster, each in a Ferplast pet carrier! This thirsty kitten looking for fresh water really warmed our hearts and we were moved by this portrait of a Dalmatian with a breathtaking view behind him. Summer… we miss you!





The first cold, the yellow leaves trembling on the trees before they fall, dancing to the ground, chestnuts and evenings with friends spent at home challenging each other with dice and cards… and here’s what our best four-legged friends have been doing: some have opted for a lovely walk along a tree-lined avenue, others have decided to alternate a some leisure time with some total relaxation … while three friends indulge in a chat in good company, in the warm, fur-lined With-Me bag, of course.





Winter means snow, Christmas, long hours of skiing in the snowy mountains, blankets and hot chocolate. Apparently, our fans are not having a bad time at all: there are those who fearlessly take to the snow without a coat, but we are consoled by the fact a few lazy ones are still around… wearing a jumper with a reindeer design and taking long naps under a warm quilt.




2018 has been truly special and we must thank all of you for your continued support! The blog will be back next year and, as always, we will be waiting for your contributions, to share on the social network.

Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2019!

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