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Who said you can’t be trendy when you engage in sports activities? The brand new Ferplast Nikita dog harness gives all dogs, large or small, another good reason to go out and have a good run with their human companions!

Why is it such a good idea to put your dog in a harness when you engage in sports together? Easy: the right harness, one that fits the dog to perfection, shifts the stress of pulling on the lead from the neck to the broader area of the chest, and that is a good thing!

Ferplast’s Nikita harness is both attractive and very practical, an easy-to-put-on item that can be used in a wide variety of situations. As we at Ferplast know, dogs should be both stylish and comfortable as they navigate the jungle of the human city.

Nikita is made of an ultra light perforated nylon, a technical material that gives the dog maximum comfort. It has even been equipped with padding where it hugs the thorax. Another thing that makes it unique is the fact that the material breathes, making sure the dog is even more comfortable in summer. It also means that this harness can be used in just about any weather condition from wet, rainy days to hot and humid ones.

Sometimes putting a harness on the dog can be a daunting task. Especially the first couple of times you try, or when the dog still needs to get accustomed to this new addition to its body. Nikita has solved this problem and now putting it on really is child’s play thanks to the easy sliding plastic buckle that takes just an instant to adjust and then fits the dog’s body like a glove. The toothed clip makes sure it does not come unhinged until you want it to!

We at Ferplast really do study every possible angle, and if you and Rex want to go for a walk when the sun has already set, fear not! The harness has reflective strips along the edges to ensure visibility even when there is little light.

And last – but certainly not least – we promised you a really trendy look: red, blue or black versions for the more sober-minded dog, and for those with a more fashion-conscious personality there is the Nikita Fashion capsule collection featuring super trendy camouflage patterns in red, green and blue. Our model is a small Italian Greyhound, and since he donned it for the first time, he won’t leave home without it!

Want to take a closer look at it? Go to our e-commerce site and feast your eyes!

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