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Do you have a dog that chews and bites everything that comes his way? Many dog owners have this problem, but this bad habit can be changed with just a few simple tricks. How? With anti-scratch pillows!

Some dogs chew on anything: but why?

Dogs tend to chew just about anything, especially when they’re puppies. They are playing, they do it to explore the world they live in… but also because they still have their puppy teeth and thus sore gums to contend with, and chewing helps alleviate some of that pain. Adult dogs like to chew on bedroom slippers, rubber balls and so forth to relax, it’s a pastime to relieve boredom or deal with anxiety.

Does your dog chew on everything? Here’s what you can do

You can train him when he’s still a puppy. As soon as he starts chewing something and before he is fully absorbed in his destructive activity, you can distract him by making some sort of strange noise he’s not accustomed to. Or say “NO!” and then give him something he CAN chew on. The important thing is not to get angry or yell at him, otherwise he could get scared.

Anti-scratch pillows and bedding for dogs

Puppies often chew on their little pillows – and sometimes even their owners’ pillows! – but you can prevent this by giving him a quality pillow or bedding made of technical anti-scratch material. Ferplast has come up with a solution: the Tech line, designed specifically for dogs who tend to chew on things. The material used is completely water repellent and scratch proof, highly resistant to even the most determined set of canine teeth. But they are also very soft and comfy, and easy to clean with a sponge or in the washing machine (30°C). Easy, eh?

The collection includes the Jazzy dog sofa, the Polo pillow with removable cover, the Jolly doggie mattress (perfect for dog beds and carriers), the padded Oscar pillow, the Olympic mattress with removable cover and Tender, with the raised sides.

The pictures you see here portray little Pan di Stelle (Penny to her friends), busy with a Polo mattress by Ferplast: which, as you see, remains intact despite all her efforts to shred it to bits! Real proof of its resistance to sharp teeth and nails, as well as to water and dirt!

Take a look at all the models, colours and sizes on our website, and enjoy the video of little Penny!

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