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Giornata mondiale del gatto: i giochi di Ferplast
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Sunday the 8th of August is World Cat Day. Here’s what to get your kitty to celebrate.

In Italy, the cat has been celebrated on the 17th of February since 1990. In the rest of the world, World Cat Day is celebrated on August the 8th. Both dates are a good opportunity to give our kitty a present.

World Cat Day: when and why?

The first World Cat Day was established in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), an animal welfare and conservation charity. It is a day of celebration born out of the need to increase awareness and protection of cats – too often the unwarranted protagonists of superstitious legends.

Gatto con pettorina e guinzaglio di Ferplast

World Cat Day: gifts for cats

Every occasion is a good one to take care of your cat, but what better occasion than World Cat Day? Here are some ideas to make a special surprise for your furry friend.


Just like it happens with children, also for cats the most desired gifts are games. To activate mind and body, Ferplast has created the Clever&Happy line of toys, fun and boredom-relieving. There are those in the shape of a carousel, with a hiding place for kibbles or in the shape of a circuit, just to mention a few. These are games of skill that stimulate the felines’ curiosity and trigger their predatory instinct.
These include Discover, Carousel, Twister, Typhon and many other fun games.Gatti giocano con gioco Ferplast

As a gift for your kitty, but also for you and your furniture, you could consider a scratching post where your kitty can get his nails done without damaging your furniture. You can choose between a scratching post, with a synthetic fur base and a hanging soft toy ball, or a scratching post, made of sisal and also with a toy ball. Both models are suitable for travelling due to their small size.Tiragraffi Ferplast per la giornata mondiale del gatto


Cats are great sleeper and can sleep up to seventeen hours in a day. So, giving them a new cushion for World Cat Day is a perfect idea. As it is summer and holiday time, you can give your cat a pillow to use during the car journey, such as Atlas, made of padded cotton, which can be placed in the pet carrier to make it more comfortable. Or Logan and Hamilton, double-sided blankets that can be rolled up and folded with strings and a handle, practical and versatile.

Gatto nel trasportino Atlas di Ferplast


Seeing a cat walking on a lead is still somewhat surprising, but it is actually a very popular activity for both cat and owner. It strengthens the understanding and relationship between the two, as it allows them to go on new adventures together. This is why your cat will be grateful if you bring him home a harness and lead like those made by Ferplast. Not all dog harnesses are also suitable for cats, but Champion, Nikita and Easy, are compatible with Ferplast’s new retractable lead, Flippy One, in mini or small versions.Alex, gatto del Bengale con guinzaglio Flippy One

On World Cat Day, give your kitten a Ferplast accessory, but, above all, give him attention to make him feel loved and cuddled.

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