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Why does the cat lose its hair in patches? Causes and solutions

gatto che perde chiazze di pelo sul divano
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Is the cat losing hair in patches under the belly or in general on the body? Cats lose their hair evenly, usually twice a year, during the change of season.

This mechanism allows the pet to adapt to changes in temperature. However, if the loss occurs in a patchy pattern, you should keep your kitten under control. 

Hair loss in patches: the causes

Patchy hair loss can occur on different parts of the body. If this happens in the muzzle, ears, belly and back, it is a major alarm that let us know that our cat is not in good shape. But which are the most common causes?

1. Allergies and diseases: fleas and ticks cause most allergies in our kitten. In fact, their saliva releases certain substances which irritate the cat. This makes him scratch himself giving the impression that he is losing patches of hair.

Gatto con allergia che si gratta perdendo pelo2. Stress and anxiety: cats, just like us, have feelings and memories. For this reason, due to agitation or stress, the kitten can particularly lick certain areas of the body to the point of shedding.

3. Ear mites: if the cat loses hair in the area around the ears, he may have contracted ear mites. It usually happens if the cat has been in contact with animals already suffering from this condition.

4. Endocrine problems: metabolic disorders can lead to major hormonal alterations in kittens. These disorders are usually associated with an increase in cortisol, which leads to the death of hair follicles. 

5. Alopecia: it can result from nervous disorders, skin diseases or vitamin deficiency. It can be both targeted and general. Depending on this distinction, there will be larger or smaller and more concentrated patches. 

Patchy hair loss: the remedies

In order to reduce hair loss and remedy patchiness, it is important to take small precautions. Regular brushing of the cat is the first step towards recovery. It not only sheds hair evenly, but also helps your kitten keep his fur in check.

The GRO 5955 brush is a great ally! This is a carding brush, suitable for undercoat care. Thanks to the stainless-steel threads, it has a deep action without irritating the skin. It effectively removes dead hair and promotes normal growth. It also has an anti-slip handle for a firm grip. In addition, it has a useful button to quickly remove the hair left between the teeth of the carder. This makes it the ideal tool for keeping your kitten’s coat clean, tidy and healthy. 

spazzole per gatto di ferplast rimedi alla perdita di pelo a chiazze

Daily brushing also prevents the cat from becoming addicted to licking its fur. In fact, this behaviour releases endorphins in the kitten that give a state of euphoria, which leads to addiction.

In addition to brushing, your cat’s diet and hydration are also factors that influence the well-being of the coat. For example, alternating wet and dry food is a good practice as it helps to keep your kitten hydrated.

Finally, parasite treatments are also essential to prevent hair loss. It is very important to stick to the frequency and share the schedule with your vet. 

It is therefore essential that the cat sheds its fur, as this allows it to adapt to the changing temperatures throughout the year. However, if the loss occurs in patches, it is important to assess the cause with a specialist and decide on the appropriate treatment. 

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