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Taking your four-legged friends on holiday is becoming increasingly common among pet-friendly families. Spending holidays with pets, in fact, both in summer and in winter, is a fun experience.

In winter, going on holiday with your pets allows you to do lots of different activities. In addition, thanks to the cooler temperatures, dogs don’t suffer from the heat and can spend more time outdoors.

Pets on holiday: yes or no

The decision to go on holiday with your pet requires good organization. Before you set off, you should ask yourself whether taking your pet with you is a source of stress or a source of happiness. 

Dogs, for example, are very attached to their owners and suffer from their absence. Cats, on the other hand, are particularly attached to places, so taking them away from home can become a source of discomfort. 

Therefore, if we have a cat, it is better to find someone to look after him while we are away. On the other hand, if we have a dog, it is best to take him with us.Cat in the snow

Recommendations for travelling with your dog

If you want to go on holiday with animals and, in particular, with your dog, you should plan your trip in detail. If you travel by car, for example, it is essential that the dog is placed in a suitably sized carrier. The Jet 20 pet carrier by Ferplast, in his new size, can carry small dogs weighing up to 8 kg. For large dogs, on the other hand, there is Ferplast’s Superior, the crate that can be used both for transport and as a kennel once you have arrived. There are also Atlas Professional carriers, in thermoplastic resin and in different sizes for all types of dog.Dog in the Superior crate by Ferplast

Pet-friendly holidays in winter

Even in winter it is possible to have a fun, pet-friendly holiday. More and more accommodation facilities in mountain locations allow pets and are prepared to accommodate them. 

There are hotels, for example, which take care of animals while their owners are on the ski slopes.

Activities to do with pets in winter

The mountains are a pet-friendly destination, especially for dogs. One of the most popular activities is dog trekking. The route should be chosen according to your dog’s age, temperament and level of training. Before setting off, you should make sure you have everything you need: a harness, an extendable lead, a rucksack with water, snacks and a cloth to clean your dog’s paws if they walk on the snow.

If your dog is particularly playful, there is no better pastime than snowballs fight. Dogs love the snow and therefore never miss a chance to run, jump and play in the snow. When playing, it is important to ensure that the dog does not ingest too much snow, which could lead to potentially serious gastrointestinal problems.  In the case of long treks and in order to avoid injury to the foot pads, it is best to carry shoes with non-slip soles and a coat to protect against the cold.

Cats also like snow. They may initially be frightened by it, but if we touch it first, they will become curious about it and appreciate it. Thanks to the undercoat, the cat has extra protection and a greater resistance to atmospheric agents. However, cats are known to love warm places, so it is advisable to prepare a heated bed for them when they return home.Dog on the snow with Puller by Ferplast

Spending the holidays with pets can be a fun and rewarding experience for pets and pet parents. During winter holidays, pets can enjoy games and activities on the snow with their parents or in dedicated areas in hotels.

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