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Gatto dorme con il padrone
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Sometimes cat owners wake up with their cat sleeping on the bed. Sleeping with a cat is very common when we have a very strong bond with them.

When they sleep, cats seek contact, to feel protected and cuddled. This is why they often share the bed with us.

Why do cats sleep with us?

From birth, cats are used to sleeping in groups, in close contact with the other cats in the litter. This allows them to feel safe and secure, and once they have grown up, they maintain this attitude and reproduce it with humans. This is why it’s common for cat parents to wake up next to their cat. Cats, known for loving warm places, adore to sleep with us, because our bodies, especially our bellies and heads, warm them up.Pet parent on the bed with her sleeping cat

The benefits of sleeping with your cat

The first positive aspect of sleeping with your cat is the regularization of your biorhythm. Your cat’s company reduces problems with insomnia and is relaxing for those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Purring gives serenity and peace.

In addition, a cat’s coat is a natural source of warmth and sharing a bed with them strengthens the bond between animal and owner. 

Is sleeping with a cat bad for your health?

Of course, every pet parent decides whether to let cats and dogs on the bed, but there is no evidence of any health contraindications. If your cat is used to roaming the streets, however, you must ensure that he has all the necessary vaccinations, in order to avoid the transmission of any disease. These diseases, called zoonoses, can be avoided by taking care of your kitten through antiparasitic treatments to avoid the risk of fleas and ticks.

Who should not sleep with a cat?

As cats tend to lie close to the head, it is best to avoid let them sleep with very young children, as this could affect their normal breathing.Cat on the bed next to his pet parent

Sleeping with a cat is not risky for health, but, before allowing your cat to jump on the bed, you should make sure that he’s clean and has received all the necessary vaccinations.

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