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Cats are remarkable animals. If they want to be left in peace and quiet, they can ‘disappear’ for hours on end, and even if you live in a bed-sit they’ll manage to hide away somewhere you can’t find them! Cats can fit into the tightest and least expected spots, and they love to watch the world from above, gazing out from between the books up in the bookcase, or from some kitchen shelf. Why are they so attracted to being above it all?

It is well known that cats like to look out at their world from above, but what you might not know is why. All cats, large and small, have a passion for high up places the rest of us just can’t get to. They will climb up on just about anything: onto high shelves, mantle pieces, bookcases and, above all, they love to clamber up trees and then watch the world go by for hours and hours on the branches. This feline quirk, if you will, is enhanced by their physique. Cats are felines with hooked claws that provide them with very safe grip even on vertical surfaces, and this lets them climb anywhere they want with great agility and without having to worry about slipping or falling and hurting themselves.

Why do cats like high places

Being above everyone else gives cats a sense of safety, tranquillity. It’s a tactical position that keeps predators at bay and lets them watch over the entire world below to keep everything under control. It’s true, cats are masters of strategy! Domestic felines tend to seek warmth and so they love to sleep far from the cold, and seeing as hot air rises, they naturally migrate to the highest parts of the home when they are looking for a place in which to seek peaceful refuge in winter.

Cats also seek out high places because they are a lot more fun to get to! Jumping from place to place, finding the latest curtain to climb to get to that high spot on top of the wardrobe is a very real sport for them, although for us it may be less of a delight as we try to keep the house tidy and make sure not everything is knocked to the ground from table tops and shelves!

Cats often perch where we least want them to, moving our precious objects out of the way (often to the ground) with their paws or even tipping pieces of furniture in their quest. In order to prevent this sort of thing from happening, it’s a good idea to get yourself a handy cat tree, like Ferplast’s Zagor, and put it in a place the cat can call his own, a place where he can climb to his heart’s delight and wrestle with precious things that we didn’t buy for ourselves, inherit or get as gifts.


Zagor is something of a gym for cats. It has various levels and is comprised of a scratching post, a box, a hammock and a resting pad. It is 1.36 m high and ideal for cats that enjoy spending time on a perch of any kind. It includes practical, double faced, water and tear resistant pillows with a furry side into which kitty can cuddle and warm up in winter and a fabric side for summer naps. This single object not only lets kitty scratch, climb and do his manicure, but we’ll get to pass our precious belongings on to our children intact when the time comes!

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