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Every dog that lives at home has a series of accessories he can’t do without, and his bowl is one of them. Seeing as mealtime, second only to playtime, is one of the dog’s favourite moments of the day, he needs to have a bowl made to measure for him so that this important moment is even more special, and all the better if it’s a cheerful, colourful bowl!

With this in mind, Ferplast designed their Glam line of plastic bowls. Great for dogs, but also for cats, the dishes come in five lively colours and three different sizes: small, medium and large. They are ideally suited both for small and large pets. It’s very important to provide your pet with a dish that takes his size into account, a bowl which also helps to determine the amount of food he gets.


Every pet needs to have two dishes it can call its own: one for fresh water and one for food. And don’t mix them up, or you might confuse your four-legged buddy! Glam bowls are really handy because, thanks to the containers available as accessories, they can be linked to make a set of matching bowls paired by size and in the colours you choose.

When buying a food bowl, you need to take the material it is made of into serious consideration. Glam bowls are made of plastic. This makes them inexpensive yet very resistant to wear and tear. They are very stable and have an anti-slip rubber base trim to prevent Rex from dragging the dish around the house, spilling food or water as he goes!

You have to choose where you’ll place the bowl too. It’s best to place it near the action centre of the house, where the dog can easily get to it. Don’t move it around too often. Dogs are creatures of habit and if they don’t find their bowl in the usual place they can get confused and lose their appetite. This doesn’t mean that when you fill the bowl with food you should leave it sitting there for long periods of time. You need to get Rex accustomed to eating only at certain times of day, that is, when you feed him.

Glam dog food dishes are also very easy in terms of maintenance. The very smooth inner surface makes them easy to clean, something we should remember to do at least once a day. Taking care of your dog also means making sure he lives with clean toys and accessories. All you really need to accomplish this is a bit of dishwashing detergent and a sponge: a good washing and a quick rinse is enough to keep every sparkling, spick and span!

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