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consigli_per_viaggiare_con_coniglioNot all pets like to go out, to leave their familiar terrain and their habits behind. Rabbits are especially resistant to being taken out of their home environment, they just don’t like to travel. They get very uncomfortable when you take them out with you, whether it’s for just a few minutes or for a few hours. Here are some tips on how to get them to where you have to go without too many problems.

Bunny rabbits have become very real ‘company pets’, their depiction as timid creatures notwithstanding. They are actually very affectionate and playful creatures. Unlike some other pets, however, they are homebodies and really do prefer the comfort of their cages or the garden. But when it’s time to travel with them, even if it’s just a visit to the vet, what can we do to help them over their fear? It’s actually not hard to make a journey a safe and comfortable event for them if you keep certain basics in mind.


First of all, it’s very important to gauge the temperature, especially in summer, and never leave the rabbit in the sun or heat. Rabbits have no sweat glands and if they are left in temperatures exceeding 25°C they may suffer heat stroke. Strong draughts or breezes also present a danger to them. So make sure they are not exposed to strong sunshine and if you’re in the car with them, make sure the windows are not wide open. The best thing would be to turn on the air conditioning to keep the car cool.

You could transport Bunny comfortably in an especially designed carrier, Ferplast’s Aladino Large. It’s made of plastic, is very spacious and, because it was designed specifically with rabbits in mind, it offers them all the safety and comfort they require. It comes in two lively colours – green and pink – and has two sturdy handles so that you can walk around with it without risking losing your grip and letting the rabbit fall! The many holes in the sides and the top of the cage make sure that air circulates and that the animal can breathe freely. If you like, you can open the carrier’s transparent top and let the rabbit out to look around or to give his cute little head a reassuring caress.

misura_trasportino_coniglio come trasportare il coniglioportare il coniglio in vacanzatrasportino per conigli ferplast

Before you put the rabbit in the carrier, especially if he has to stay in there for an extended period of time, line the bottom with a newspaper or some absorbent material you can change if he has to ‘go’. And don’t forget to have a water bowl in it, preferably a small one so that, should it spill, your rabbit doesn’t travel soaking wet. He’ll have to have some food too, perhaps a bit of hay or some fresh veggie. And to make the carrier feel more like home, you might even want to add some favourite toy so that he can play while you travel.

If the trip is going to be a long one, then make sure you stop at regular intervals so that he can relax and take a break that does him, and you, a lot of good!

trasportino per conigli ferplast

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