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Have you ever wondered why do cats love to “knead” people and objects? 

Surely you must have noticed that cats make natural movements with their paws that simulates bakers kneading bread. This action characterises them since they were born and accompanies them throughout their lives. 

Let’s see why cats love to “knead” people. 

The origin of the movement

Cats learn their movement where they are born. It is something they do as kittens to stimulate the release of milk from their mother’s mammary glands. 

However, even as adults, they keep on making this movement. This happens because they work the area they choose to rest in to soften the surface. This is a primordial instinct. In fact, cats have always checked their lying area to pick the softest and most comfortable space.  

As it turns out, another reason is that what leads cats to “knead” is the need for security. In fact, cats’ paws have special glands. They give off a specific smell through which they mark their territory. That is why, a lot of time, they “knead” with their paws on people too: they are marking a place where they feel safe! 

When “kneading” is not a good sign 

It happens that the cat makes this movement for a long time, sometimes even for hours. This action, if prolonged over time, brings with it great discomfort on the cat’s side. It means that the cat is placed in a stressful condition from which he is trying to escape. 

What should we do if we notice this behaviour? 

Our goal is to make the cat feel good, so that he may feel calm and relaxed. One way to make your cat feel safe is to spend more time with him, cuddle him and play with him. 

Cat’s favourite toys  

1. Toys with funny pendants to chase: toys with pendants are among our kittens favourite pastimes. Colorful, easy to handle and to bring along, they are available in many different versions that will drive your pets crazy. 

2. Plush mice: even mice ensure maximum fun for your pet. It is a toy that teases your kitten’s predatory instinct, letting him run wild in complete safety. 

3. Balls: not to be underestimated, even for cats, is the appeal of balls. There are many types and colours. The PA 5402 rubber balls, for example, have an irregular surface that resembles a hedgehog and will attract your four-legged friend interest. 

4. Scratchers: last but not least, the much-loved scratching poles. They satisfy a primal need of the cat, that is scratching, and at the same time stimulate even the laziest of cats to do some exercise and keep moving.

One example among many is the PA 4001 scratching pole. This accessory has a solid wooden base and a central column made of sisal, cats’ favourite natural fibre. This scratching pole is also equipped with a funny spring toy ball and a square wooden base with a ball circuit for play.

This is why cats love to “knead” objects and people. Try to understand when this action goes on for too long, to understand when your cat needs to feel protected and safe.

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