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Bed, pillow, blanket … Every cat needs a comfortable place to relax or take a nap, especially if the only living space it has available is the home. We have selected some of the most suitable places to sleep cats, these are obviously Ferplast accessories!

The cat blank to place on the sofa

The cat is loves to lounge on the sofa, it is his throne, and if he could he would elect him as his permanent home. Often, however, we owners of the kitty have to deal with his fur which, however hard we try to brush daily, always ends up covering all the surfaces of the house, not to mention those who are allergic to it! To safeguard the sofa and make the feline happy, you can try a comfortable blanket.

Blankets for cats must be first of all soft and warm: cats love to sleep on soft surfaces, therefore even the fabric must not be rough. We recommend the Logan blanket by Ferplast: it is a double-sided mat, with one side in velvet, ideal for cold winter days, and one in fabric with tweed texture; it is lightly padded and can be laid out on the sofa to protect it from scratches or to protect it from the fur.

Versatile cushions for cats

The most traditionalist cats love to lie on the classic cushions, which can be placed anywhere and easily moved in case of need, on the floor or on a shelf. The right cat cushion choice should be made according to its size and maintenance, it is better in fact that it can be cleaned in the washing machine.

If you want a traditional model, but not ordinary, the Scott cushion is right for you and the cat! It has an oval shape and a soft padding and is available in three different shades in Scottish style: sage green, beige or sky blue, combined with the velvet effect fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch, to give a real pampering to the friend at four paws.

Stable plastic bed for cats

There are cats that feel safer inside more structured, less flaky and stable bed. For this kind of cats, the solution is plastic beds: they are open but provide a cozy environment, to be equipped with warm cushions.

The Siesta Deluxe bed is made of solid thermoplastic resin and is characterized by a rounded shape, thanks to the high edges and the lowered front side with a practical chin rest, it proves really comfortable for the feline. It can also be made more welcoming and comfortable by adding a pillow. It will be the cat to decide if he prefers it with or without!

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