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Are you upset because your dog pulls a lot on a leash and you can’t go for a walk with him? The problem is widespread, you are not a “bad dog parent”. We asked the trainer Genny from the Wolfspirit dog center to suggest us a simple method to put a dog that pulls too much on the straight path!

The dog pulls on a leash: choose the right tools

Making the dog wearing a collar and a short leash to train him not to pull when going for a walk is not the right remedial!

On the contrary, it is essential to replace these two accessories with a harness and a long leash, such as  Ferplast’s Daytona Gummy Matic, that allow the dog to move freely and feel less oppressed. Then make sure that the dog is relaxed during the walk and that above all he is happy to be at your side, otherwise he will hardly cooperate.

Walking with the dog on a leash, how to get started

Start the walk trying to keep the same pace as the dog, the goal is to guide him towards your pace, which will certainly be more calm and relaxed. During the conduction the leash must be soft, never kept in tension, otherwise the four-legged will feel that he’s losing freedom.

Every time the dog pulls, stop, bring the weight of your body back and the arms long and outstretched until the leash is again soft to be able to resume walking.
This exercise is important because it is used to teach the dog to walk only if the leash is soft, that is, when he does not pull!

As you continue the walk, retrieve the excess leash that you had slipped when the dog had taken a step further.

What to do if the dog abruptly pulls the leash

It is normal that during the walk the dog stops to sniff or make friends with other animals, the important thing is that he does not drag you abruptly. If he does, repeat the exercise that we explained to you a little while ago, then get closer to him, shorten the leash and show the direction to take. A balanced and relaxed dog does not make decisions by himself but relies only on you.

To get the dog used to being on a leash, do some exercise in open spaces and remember that the leash must not be used to maneuver or direct the animal, but must support its movement!

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