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Gatto davanti a ciotola Ferplast mentre mangia il suo cibo preferito
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Cats have very specific tastes and eating habits. Of all the foods, they simply cannot do without meat. However, there are some foods that they detest or must be eaten with care.

Christmas is a good time to prepare your cat’s favorite food and give him a little treat.

The cat’s approach to food

Cats’ tastes are very difficult. He is not satisfied with just anything, and before eating, he sniffs the bowl to ensure that its content is good enough. In fact, cats have fewer taste buds than humans and will therefore discard anything that they do not recognize. He eats little and often and prefers fresh food, which is why he won’t eat dry kittens.Cat eats from Ferplast dispenser

What does a cat eat?

The cat is essentially a carnivore and obtains his nutrients from animal proteins. He does not necessarily need carbohydrates and vegetables, although they are a good addition to a balanced diet. 

It is not advisable to give your cat leftovers, even if they are meat. The food that we eat, enriched with salt and fat, can be harmful to your cat.

Apart from croquettes, cats can eat raw or cooked meat, white fish, as long as it’s cooked lightly, cooked ham, which contains little salt, and boiled vegetables. 

Cats’ favorite food, however, as a predator, is raw meat.Cat eats his favorite food from bowl

The cat’s favorite food

Cats love pork, chicken and beef. Beef is the only type of meat that can be given to a cat raw, as long as it is fresh. As well as meat, there are also other foods that your kitten likes to eat, perfect for making him happy on Christmas Day.

Salmon and tuna are among the cat’s favorite fish. However, as they are very fatty, they should be eaten in moderation.

Cats also particularly like milk and its derivatives, such as cheese. It is best to choose goat’s and sheep’s cheese. Although you should give your cat only very small quantities, because they can cause intestinal problems.

To keep your cat happy on Christmas Day, you can also give him turkey or chicken sausages.Cat drinks from Vega by Ferplast

Cats have a very specific taste in food and their favourite food is meat, especially raw meat. If you want to give your cat a present on Christmas Day, prepare a tasty meat dish for him – happiness guaranteed!

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