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At first glance the Weimaraner is surely an attractive dog, with its silver coat, its stone-cold eyes, its statuary proportions and its innate elegance. What are the origins of this breed, its characteristics and above all…does this dog’s demeanour suit everyone?


The first historical information concerning this breed can be traced back to the tradition of the noble Court of Weimar, where, during the 18th century, Grand Duke Carl August started to select these dogs for hunting. In fact, Flemish art of that period is proof of the presence of the first Weimaraners in several paintings. However, with the appearance of new firearms, the Weimaraner’s use for hunting purposes decreased and it started to become a pet for the upper classes.

weimaraner dog traits


The Weimaraner became popular thanks to its very particular look, characterised by harmonic proportions and a proud and elegant posture. The Weimaraner has a powerful body but, being a slim and long-limbed dog, it never seems to be heavy: when dealing with a Weimaraner, it seems unbelievable that there can be so much power in such a slim figure.

weimaraner dog facts

The coat is a further peculiarity that makes it so recognisable. It must be thick, thin and short, of that silver-grey colour that leaves everyone speechless, although also the variety that tends to light brown is also accepted. Its eyes are particularly beautiful: blue sky in puppies, when the dog becomes adult they turn an amber colour that may tend to yellow or brown.

weimaraner breed traits and info


The Weimaraner is the typical dog that enchants people for its beauty and makes you want to buy one just because it is gorgeous… but nothing could be more wrong! Before taking a dog home, you must learn about its character and needs, carefully assessing whether it can be happy living with you. The Weimaraner is full of energy: people who buy it just for its beauty, but without knowing how to manage it, risk abandoning it shortly after taking it home.

weimaraner dog running through the grass

The Weimaraner was born as a hunting dog and, for this reason, is not suitable for everybody. It is a very active and curious dog, requiring a lot of movement; it is also playful, wild, explosive, stubborn and tireless. Therefore, the ideal owner should be quite expert and capable of becoming its reference point, through correct education and good socialisation starting from a young age (an undisciplined Weimaraner is a hard nut to crack!). With a proper education, you will have an obedient, playful, lively and particularly devoted companion.

 weimaraner breed personality and ideal owner

Special thanks to Manuele and his dog Butch.

beautiful weimaraner dog wearing a sportive coat beautiful weimaraner dog wearing a black and orange coat

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