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During the more rigid months, dogs that live indoors sheltered from the cold and damp suffers when they have to go out for a walk. It is advisable to make your dog wear a coat, and going out is more pleasant if the coat is the right size.

Choosing the right coat for Fido is crucial, and it is a decision that must be made with the utmost attention because it should not be too tight or too loose. If the coat is not the right size, it could hinder our puppy from moving.


In addition to this, when selecting a coat, three aspects need to be taken into consideration. In fact, the ideal coat must be easy to put on, the right size and easy to wash. Ferplast coats are designed to put on easily so that the animal is not agitated. Also, compared to the majority of dog coats on the market, most of the Ferplast models have an incorporated leash with a micro-adjustment system.


Let’s see how to take Fido’s measurements. It is easy and quicker than you think, all you have to do is get a traditional tape measure. The are 3 areas to be measured:

  1. Neck: making our dog stand on all fours, place the metre at the base of its neck, where the shoulder meet, without over tightening and measure the circumference of the neck;


  1. Chest: we need to measure the wider part of the chest, right after the front legs. We need to add a few centimetres for a correct wearability;


  1. Back: the length of the dog is measured starting from the base of the neck (right after the collar) up to the beginning of the tail.


It is easier said than done! We can go wild now that we have learned the criteria to take into consideration when selecting a custom coat four our dog. On the other hand, what would winter be for our four-legged friends without a beautiful coat to show off?


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