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It’s not easy to decide what to wear in the spring: it rains today but the sun may shine the day after. The most suitable outerwear for this season is the trench coat. A must-have in the wardrobe of adults and children, it’s perfect for all occasions.

Nobody can deny that the trench coat is part of the history of fashion. It’s also a proud member of the English style, sophisticated and elegant. It’s no surprise it was created in 1901 in England by Thomas Burberry, commissioned by the Ministry of War to create a garment that mixed features of the uniform raincoat with those of military jackets.

This spring 2018, trench coats have turned from evergreen garment to a must-have, obviously in classic beige. Super versatile, it easily matches all other colours. For those that want to wear outside the box, it’s possible to pick pastel hues such as pink and light yellow. This season’s trend is to overdo things a bit, perhaps wearing it over a denim jacket and super casual outfits, to create a contrast.

Laypeople tend to call it a raincoat, but nothing could be further from the truth: raincoats are strictly single breasted, while trench coats are always double breasted.

A transversal fashion that includes women, men and children! They’re super comfortable garments for kids, who can wear them to school, for a trip to the city or even to the seaside, to protect them from the wind. Trench coats are available in many different versions, some simple, with a zipper and a hood, or in more sophisticated models, for veritable gentlemen or ladies.

Girls can wear it with skirts and flat heels, while boys look great in a combination of trench coat, hoodie and jeans. Everyone knows that layering up is the best way to dress in the spring!

Have a look at these photos showing how we have interpreted this trend: the two models are Edoardo and Mia, perfectly coordinated, having fun as they walk around Vicenza. A cheeky style for both, in perfect colour harmony: Mia’s T-shirt and necklace have neutral colours, beige with touches of pink, while Edoardo picked a more casual style.

Do you love trench coats too? What’s your favourite version?

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