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The holidays are here at last! What better time to go on a nice journey or a trip out of town with your four-legged friend? The most comfortable means of transport available to all is undoubtedly the car and, with all the luggage and various objects you need to take with you, leaving a large space free for your furry friend is important, especially if he is not exactly small. However, by following a few, simple rules, travelling with your big dog will no longer be a difficult task.

For a dog, especially a big one, the car is the best way to travel: it is more comfortable than a train or a plane and the dog’s owner can easily handle the trip while taking into account his pet’s needs too. Naturally, when we are preparing to travel by car with our furry friend, we must keep in mind a series of rules that need to be respected when travelling with pets on board.



A large dog is obviously more bulky and, when he moves, he is more likely to cause disturbance to the driver. For this reason, a special mesh needs to be installed inside the car or a partition in the boot, creating an area dedicated to your pet and well-separated from the driver, thus preventing him from having too much freedom of movement and avoiding the risk of him jumping into the front.

in_auto_con_cani_di_taglia_grandeAlternatively, if your car is small, you can use a pet carrier, which is, in fact, the safest solution for your pet. For large dogs, Ferplast’s Atlas Car is the ideal model and is specially created to be placed in the boot of your car. Its thermoplastic structure makes it light and easy to carry, while at the same time it is sturdy enough to guarantee all the safety your dog needs. The wide grilles ensure good ventilation and, if you need to transport two pets at the same time, a handy partition can also be inserted into this model.



During the journey, it is essential to ensure that your pet has abundant fresh water. Therefore, having a water-bottle at hand is useful and, in order to safeguard your pet’s health, you need to stop every two hours, allowing him to walk a little, do his business, eat and drink.


Travelling with a larger dog is therefore not so difficult, as long as you have everything he needs with you and you pamper and spoil him during the journey!


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