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Along with the summer, comes hot, muggy weather. To deal with the heat and high temperatures, we can look for some shade by the sea, in the swimming pool or we can simply stay indoors with the air-conditioning on full blast. However, we mustn’t forget that our four-legged friends also suffer when the heat is excessive, so it is vitally important that we also think about their health and find a way to help them deal with this climate as best as possible.

When the heat starts to be extreme, our furry friends are also affected and risk suffering from heatstroke; we try to cool down by drinking cold drinks, eating ice cream, wearing light clothes and fleeing to the swimming pool, but what can we do for them?

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so in order to defend our dog from heatstroke and help him fight the heat, the best thing to do first is try to brush him frequently, in summer even more than in the other seasons: he certainly doesn’t need to be covered with dead fur! It is also very important for your puppy to drink a lot of water, so we must not forget to make it available to him in a nice, cool bowl, preferably placed in the areas of the house in which he spends the most time.



In the summer, it would be best to limit physical exercise, but if we can’t go without, the best thing is to take our puppy out for a walk early in the morning or late afternoon, with a bottle of water with us at all times and wetting his paws from time to time. Never leave him alone in the car, not even if you are parked in the shade with the windows open, because the temperature inside the car goes up very quickly and a rise in temperature together with excessive humidity is all it takes to risk causing our furry friend hyperthermia with quite unpleasant consequences.



Also when we take him to the sea or the swimming pool with us, it is essential to ensure that there are shady areas or a cool space in which he can rest in tranquillity. A good solution is a cooling mat, like Ferplast’s Pet Cool Mat: this contains a liquid coolant that, when in contact with our dog’s weight, releases a pleasant coolness. It is very practical because doesn’t require an electric power supply. Instead, it recharges itself after a short period of non-use, so even on the beach, where there is no electricity available, it continues to work and make our furry friend feel constantly cool. Furthermore, thanks to its small size, it takes up very little space and can easily be inserted into a pet carrier. It is also a truly ideal solution for travel and your puppy will no longer want to do without it!


A few simple rules to follow, which will help you have a happy summer!

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