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Cats love stimulating games, which can awaken instinct and curiosity. At Ferplast we have created a series of really funny games suitable for training the cat’s mind and keeping his body always in shape!

How to stimulate the cat’s mind?

To keep our cat’s life healthy for as long as possible, it is necessary to exercise his cognitive skills, therefore it is essential to enrich the environment in which he lives with interactive games designed especially for him and to tickle his intellect. On the market there are all sorts of them: labyrinths, circuits, snack-hide balls and “smart” scratching posts.

Here is our selection with the favorite cat games of the moment!

Typhon circuit with ball

Typhon is a toy for cats with an original circuit shape, its modular structure allows you to combine the individual pieces to your liking, each time creating new and never discounted paths for the cat. It includes 1 straight, 6 curved parts and 2 plastic components with ascent and presents a fun ball with LED light that is activated with movement, this sliding inside the circuit does nothing but intrigue and animate the feline!

It is an easy game to assemble and each module is already equipped with non-slip feet to ensure a firm grip on the floor. Not even the strongest and most agitated cat will be able to destroy this circuit, the word of connoisseurs!

Scratching post with Magic Tower circuit

Very useful to keep your kitty always agile, snappy and tonic, Magic Tower is a multifunction game that consists of a plastic circuit with a central column in sturdy sisal with soft pompom to be caught and a special scratching area. It is also complete with a game ball to slide inside the circuit to keep the animal’s interest alive.

The plastic base is stable thanks to the non-slip feet and can be combined with the Typhon circuit. It is an excellent game that allows the cat to satisfy its predatory instinct, while also combining good exercise and good mental stimulation.

Laser game for cats Phantom

Phantom is a game with automatic laser pointer that emits a red light that moves in three different modes: by pressing the appropriate button, you can choose between slow movement, rapid movement, or random movement. The laser light moves to the right and left, up and down and vice versa, and stimulates the cat to follow it, chase it and try to catch it. The advantage of Phantom is that it can be used by the cat even without our presence, once turned on in random mode it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of operation.

It is a game that should never be played too long, because it can cause the cat to become frustrated at not being able to really catch the light. We advise you to use it as a heater, to awaken the senses of cats, even the laziest ones!

Quale gioco regalerete al vostro gatto?

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